Family structure associated with delinquency for adolescents, Swedish study finds

Journal Reference: Robert Svensson, Björn Johnson. Does it matter in what family constellations adolescents live? Reconsidering the relationship between family structure and delinquent behaviour. PLOS ONE, 2022; 17 (4): e0265964 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0265964 Previous studies have found that not living with both parents is positively associated with delinquency, but family living arrangements have been highly simplified … Read more

Mysterious pictures from the Swedish gold celebration

Mysterious pictures from the Swedish gold celebration

“Out of respect for everyone involved …” Published: Today 00.21 Updated: Today 01.11 Andreas Palicka made “a Per Carlén” and left the shoes on the podium. Is the captain leaving the national team now as well? – You get no comment on that, he says after the gold. SWEDEN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS! ORDER YOUR GOLD RACE … Read more

Swedish criticism of the World Cup decision: “It is very frustrating”

Swedish criticism of the World Cup decision It is very

Published: Yesterday 21.35 Updated: Yesterday 22.09 Biathlon, alpine and skicross compete as usual until the Olympics. But for the cross-country skiers, all World Cup competitions are canceled. Something that makes the skiers direct criticism at the international ski association, Fis. – Otherwise we will be run over by both biathlon and long distance running and … Read more

The Swedish giant talent explains his big move: “Perfect for me”

The Swedish giant talent explains his big move Perfect for

From newcomer to BP’s A-team to long-term contract with Bayern Leverkusen. It has been an eventful year for the Swedish great talent Jardell Kanga. – I have had my sights set on getting out in Europe since I kicked the ball in the yard. I’m not afraid, I’m rather prepared, says the 16-year-old. full screen … Read more

The Swedish star’s words from the covid isolation: “It hurts in the heart”

The Swedish stars words from the covid isolation It hurts

Published: Less than 30 minutes ago He would have led the Swedish defense against Spain and the Czech Republic. Instead, Max Darj is locked up in an Olympic training center in Slovakia – watching a sowing course. – It would have been a dream to play on Thursday, he says from inside the quarantine. It … Read more

Swedish weapon in the European Championships: “It is inconceivable” · Best since Bengan Boys

Swedish weapon in the European Championships It is inconceivable ·

Published: Today 16.44 Updated: Today 16.58 Sweden has its widest squad since the Bengan Boys. Properly used, it should take Blue Yellow all the way. – If we can roll on two line-ups, we have incredible strength at the end of the tournament, says Martin Boquist, assistant national team captain. A year ago, Sweden went … Read more

The World Cup extension is said: “Should get difficult in the Swedish third league”

The World Cup extension is said Should get difficult in

Published: Yesterday 22.41 Updated: Less than 1 hour ago The World Handball Championship will be expanded from 24 to 32 teams this year. Now the expansion is being seen as we will see many “laughter matches” with Sweden among others involved. Corruption is behind it, says expert Charlie Sjöstrand. “Substandard national teams from substandard federations … Read more