DNA discovery reveals a critical ‘accordion impact’ for switching off genes

Journal Reference: Andrew Keniry, Natasha Jansz, Linden J. Gearing, Iromi Wanigasuriya, Joseph Chen, Christian M. Nefzger, Peter F. Hickey, Quentin Gouil, Joy Liu, Kelsey A. Breslin, Megan Iminitoff, Tamara Beck, Andres Tapia del Fierro, Lachlan Whitehead, Andrew Jarratt, Sarah A. Kinkel, Phillippa C. Taberlay, Tracy Willson, Miha Pakusch, Matthew E. Ritchie, Douglas J. Hilton, Jose … Read more

‘Switching off’ specific brain cells protects against stress

Journal Reference: Misaki Niu et al. Claustrum mediates bidirectional and reversible control of stress-induced anxiety responses. Science Advances, 2022 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.abi6375 In a study published this month in Science Advances, researchers from Osaka University discovered a small group of brain cells in the claustrum of mice that controls stress-induced anxiety behaviors. When these cells were … Read more

Switching on a key cancer gene could provide first curative treatment for heart disease

Journal Reference: Megan J. Bywater, Deborah L. Burkhart, Jasmin Straube, Arianna Sabò, Vera Pendino, James E. Hudson, Gregory A. Quaife-Ryan, Enzo R. Porrello, James Rae, Robert G. Parton, Theresia R. Kress, Bruno Amati, Trevor D. Littlewood, Gerard I. Evan, Catherine H. Wilson. Reactivation of Myc transcription in the mouse heart unlocks its proliferative capacity. Nature … Read more