An easier way to teach robots new skills

Reprogramming that robot involves hand-labeling thousands of images that show it how to grasp these new mugs, then training the system all over again. But a new technique developed by MIT researchers would require only a handful of human demonstrations to reprogram the robot. This machine-learning method enables a robot to pick up and place … Read more

A Minecraft build can be used to teach almost any subject

Journal Reference: Darren WershlerandBart Simon. The Allegorical Build. Minecraft and Allegorical Play in Undergraduate Teaching. Gamevironments, 2022 DOI: 10.48783/gameviron.v15i15.148 But according to many millions of users, including some Concordia faculty and students, Minecraft’s malleability is its strength. Free from constraints and easily modifiable, the game can be used in countless ways, including as a game-based … Read more

Here’s what the Ferrari F1 2022 will be like: born to amaze, it can teach

Heres what the Ferrari F1 2022 will be like born

An aggressive project like in 2017 and 2018 when he fought for the World Championship for a long time. Rory Byrne’s experience with the ground effect cars of the 1980s will be invaluable The redhead wants to surprise again. The last time it was successful in 2017 and 2018, making school with cars that had … Read more