Kenneth Branagh tells how he was offered the role in the film

The actor commented on the curious way Christopher Nolan contacted him for the film. Photo: Warner Bros. | Warner Bros. Christopher Nolan, like many film authors, is known for repeating collaborations when he manages to connect with one of his actors. In his new movie “Tenet”, The director would have resorted to the veteran actor … Read more

Alexandra Daddario (‘Percy Jackson’) tells how she lived trying to replicate the success of ‘Harry Potter’

‘Harry Potter’ ended its cinematic journey with the premiere of the second part of ‘the deathly hallows’ in 2011. And To give us an idea of ​​the tremendous intention to fill the fantastic gap that the successful Warner Bros. saga was going to leave, ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ was already released in 2010. … Read more

Tom Hiddleston tells Loki’s story in 30 seconds

MCU fans, subscribed to Disney Plus, surely locate a peculiar series called Marvel Studios: Legends, composed of episodes of between seven and ten minutes. Each one is about a different character in the franchise, in order to summarize his story within the Infinity Saga. Such audiovisual syntheses have been released alongside WandaVision and The Falcon … Read more

Priyanka Chopra tells us about her beauty and makeup tricks

She was Miss World at 18. She embarked on a career that has taken her to the top of Bollywood and to the red carpets of Hollywood. But Priyanka Chopra Jonas no ha parado. A multi-talented philanthropist, UNICEF volunteer ambassador and advocate for women around the world, she has now joined Max Factor and has … Read more

Antonio Banderas tells how with filming like ‘Indiana Jones’ (and what he likes least about them)

Antonio Banderas, who a few weeks ago boasted of his daughter Stella del Carmen in San Sebastián, has said that in the next few days he has to leave to shoot a fifth of Indiana Jones. “Let’s see if I survive that experience“, has related the actor in The Hormiguero, after commenting that after the … Read more

Holyrood tells UK Government to ‘respect devolved powers’

HOLYROOD has passed a motion urging the UK Government to change its Environment Bill and “respect the devolved powers of the Scottish Parliament”. MSPs debated a motion brought forward by Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport Michael Matheson after the UK Government added two amendments in the Environment Bill, after the Scottish Parliament … Read more

Ed Helms tells us why he watches ‘Seinfeld’ against the coronavirus

Getty Images/Shutterstock Whether it’s a movie, a TV show, a book, a record, a podcast, or whatever, we live in a culture that always offers us comfort in good times and bad. Therefore, now that we are living in difficult times, we have decided to ask various famous people (who could even star in some … Read more

Viola Davis confirms that Jared Leto gave a rat to Margot Robbie and tells how the actress reacted

Suicide Squad – 25% was a huge disappointment in the history of DC at the cinema. Although there will always be a lot of debate about Zack Snyder’s projects, at least they have the support of many fans; however, the David Ayer-directed film just didn’t quite come together. One of the big problems was how … Read more

‘Game of Thrones’: Lena Headey tells which scene has most impacted her at Heroes Comic Con

Lena Headey has conquered the Heroes Comic Con in Madrid before the sharp questions of the fans who, far from wanting to end the white walkers, they have “riddled” the current Queen of Westeros with their questions about what will be the eighth and final season of ‘Game of Thrones’. How could it be otherwise, … Read more