Terminator 2 Has Secured its Place as a God Tier Action Movie

The 90s are home to some of the all-time greats as far as action movies are concerned. From the special effects behemoths like The Matrix and Jurassic Park to ass-kicking spectacles like True Romance and Desperado. Still, amid all of these incredible efforts, only one movie can claim the top spot, and that movie is … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger, an activist for the salvation of the planet

No one could have foreseen that Arnold Schwarzenegger, twice elected Governor of California by the Republican Party and identified with conservative politics, would one day be on the warpath against pandemic deniers and he would be a champion against global warming. Today, Schwarzenegger is standing out for his activism in the fight against climate change … Read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger, from Terminator to Species Saving Activist

Arnold Schwarzenegger is increasingly distant from that actor whose rough appearance and talent to develop made him the perfect subject for action films in the 80s. It has nothing to do with Conan, the military of Command or the cyborg of Terminator, whose mission was to prevent the human being born who would lead the … Read more