Gabriel H. Walta, the graphic author of ‘The Vision’ and ‘The Avengers’ who will reveal their secrets in Malaga

Related news Settled in Granada since the 90s, Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Melilla, 1973) has managed to earn a living drawing comics. It is not easy considering the non-existent comic industry in Spain and the precarious employment situation of many authors. The artist has signed, among other works, the twelve numbers of The vision by marvel, … Read more

Mark Ruffalo could return as the Hulk for Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already established a particular style in its stories over the last ten years, although of course, each of the films have found their point that differentiates them from the rest thanks to the touch that each of the directors has planted between the development of its characters and their contexts; … Read more

Clark Gregg says Agents of SHIELD is canon along with Marvel series on Netflix

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost certainly the most ambitious shared universe ever made. The films clearly followed a pattern and delivery after delivery we could be putting together the pieces of a puzzle that took time to take shape, but was successfully revealed in Avengers: Infinity War – 79% y Avengers: Endgame – 95%. … Read more