Review: ‘Memoria’ is one of the greatest movies you’ll see — or hear — in a theater this year

Review ‘Memoria is one of the greatest movies youll see

“Memoria” begins with a bump in the night, or very early in the morning. We are in a darkened room, with just enough light peeking in to reveal the figure of a woman as she’s jolted awake by a loud noise — “a rumble from the core of the Earth,” as she’ll later describe it. … Read more

Ukraine-Krieg: Ukraine meldet Angriffe auf Flüchtlingskonvoi und Theater in Mariupol – WELT

Ukraine Krieg Ukraine meldet Angriffe auf Fluchtlingskonvoi und Theater in Mariupol

Russische Einheiten haben nach ukrainischen Angaben ein Theater in Mariupol bombardiert, in dem sich Hunderte Menschen aufgehalten haben sollen. Angaben zu möglichen Opfern lagen zunächst nicht vor. „Ein weiteres entsetzliches Kriegsverbrechen in Mariupol“, twitterte Außenminister Dmytro Kuleba am Mittwoch. „Heftiger russischer Angriff auf das Drama-Theater, wo sich Hunderte unschuldiger Zivilisten versteckt haben.“ Das Gebäude sei … Read more

Curtis Reeves trial: Oulson’s widow testifies in Pasco movie theater shooting case

Curtis Reeves trial Oulsons widow testifies in Pasco movie theater

After more than eight years of waiting for the retired Tampa police captain who killed her husband to finally see his day in court, widow Nicole Oulson faced Curtis Reeves in a Dade City courtroom on Valentine’s Day. Related: Curtis Reeves trial: All you need to know about the Pasco theater shooting The last date … Read more

Pacific Ocean as the greatest theater of bird migration

Journal Reference: Theunis Piersma, Robert E Gill, Jr, Daniel R Ruthrauff, Christopher G Guglielmo, Jesse R Conklin, Colleen M Handel. The Pacific as the world’s greatest theater of bird migration: Extreme flights spark questions about physiological capabilities, behavior, and the evolution of migratory pathways. Ornithology, 2022 DOI: 10.1093/ornithology/ukab086 More efficiently than thought The biggest unknown … Read more

TybeeMLK and Tybee Post Theater celebrating Black History with music, movies and discussions

TybeeMLK and Tybee Post Theater celebrating Black History with music

TybeeMLK Human Rights Organization and Tybee Post Theater joining together to present “THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – IN COLOR.”  The organizations are presenting programs at the Tybee Post Theater over four days that observe the important role played by African Americans in the nation’s history and its culture—the achievements as well as the challenges. “We hope … Read more

Movie theater. Ten French “feel good movies” to do yourself good

Movie theater Ten French feel good movies to do yourself

The Big Bath (2018) In the fall of 2018, Gilles Lellouche, with Le Grand Bain, his first solo feature film, lifted the spirits of more than 4.1 million French people plunged into the darkness of a cinema with a band of swimmers, amateurs synchronized swimming. A film nominated nine times at the 2019 César ceremony. … Read more