Bundesliga: “Brutal” series throws Sturm astray

Bundesliga Brutal series throws Sturm astray

Obviously, the biggest success in years, the qualification for the Europa League, led the Styrians in a downward spiral in the results. Instead of finding a way out of the labyrinth of international and national requirements, Sturm has only found excessive demands so far. The last win came on October 17th in the home league … Read more

The stage of records. Olympics 2024: jumps and throws into the future

The stage of records Olympics 2024 jumps and throws into

The competition field is divided into five: the track and platforms with different surfaces are being studied For now it is a hypothesis, a project. But as soon as the mark of less than 1000 days from the start of the Olympics in Paris 2024 has turned, it is a suggestive hypothesis, a credible project. … Read more