Tips for the 21st: Napoli block behind, then Simeone’s goals

Tips for the 21st Napoli block behind then Simeones goals

Also to keep an eye on the defense of Verona that faces the Salernitana. In the middle of the field, focus on Tameze and Tonali, in attack Bajrami and Caprari got a taste for it They will all play, even with races spread over several days. We therefore return to normality in Serie A and … Read more

Vinatzer, a giant challenge: “Qualification objective, with the tips of Moelgg”

Vinatzer a giant challenge Qualification objective with the tips of

Alex on Sunday makes his debut in the Cup in the specialty: “I’ll start with 70 but qualification is possible” He will have a very high bib. “The last or the penultimate, in any case around 70”. Alex Vinatzer, however, is taking his debut in a giant World Cup very seriously on Sunday in Soelden. … Read more

Halo Infinite multiplayer, 8 tips to master the game

Halo Infinite multiplayer 8 tips to master the game

The tricks to play it on the new Halo for PC and Xbox consoles, and not be afraid of anyone or any mode. Microsoft has surprisingly launched the beta of the multiplayer in Halo Infinite, effectively canceling the commitments of millions of players throughout the week (and beyond). As far as we have been able … Read more