GTA 5 est-il en train de détruire l’image de Rockstar ?

GTA 5 est il en train de detruire limage de Rockstar

Alors que Grand Theft Auto V s’apprête à ressortir sur PS5 et Xbox Series, cela fait plusieurs mois que les joueurs font part de leur mécontentement concernant la surexploitation du cinquième épisode de la saga phare de Rockstar. Presque dix ans après la sortie du jeu original, GTA V n’est-il pas en train d’entacher l’image … Read more

Simulated human eye movement aims to train metaverse platforms

The results have been accepted and will be presented at the International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN), May 4-6, 2022, a leading annual forum on research in networked sensing and control. “If you’re interested in detecting whether a person is reading a comic book or advanced literature by looking at their eyes … Read more

Bonding train: Quantifying biexciton binding energy

Journal Reference: M A Conway, J B Muir, S K Earl, M Wurdack, R Mishra, J O Tollerud, J A Davis. Direct measurement of biexcitons in monolayer WS2. 2D Materials, 2022; 9 (2): 021001 DOI: 10.1088/2053-1583/ac4779 As well as improving our fundamental understanding of biexciton dynamics and characteristic energy scales, these findings directly inform those … Read more

Heartbreaking moment Desperate Ukrainian families flood train station as 210 people now dead in Putin’s invasion – Reuters

Heartbreaking moment Desperate Ukrainian families flood train station as 210

A train station in UKRAINE has been overwhelmed by thousands of desperate refugees as desperate citizens flee war-torn cities across the country. It comes as the Ukrainian government confirmed that more than 210 Ukrainians were killed – and more than 1,100 injured – during Putin’s invasion. Chaos at Lviv train station as thousands try to … Read more

Four ‘train tigers’ in Argentina may soon have a new home in South Africa – Reuters

Four train tigers in Argentina may soon have a new

Four abandoned tigers are soon to travel to South Africa from Argentina. As part of a rescue mission by Four Paws, the tigers will be transported to Bethlehem. A traveling circus left the tigers at a farmer’s house, then never returned. For more stories visit Two tigers abandoned by a traveling circus, along with … Read more

Demon Slayer – Mugen Train: Anime Movie now on Amazon Prime Video

Demon Slayer Mugen Train Anime Movie now on Amazon

DEMON SLAYER: KIMETSU NO YAIBA January 31, 2022 at 7:39 p.m With “Demon Slayer: Kometsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train”, Amazon Prime Video is adding the film to the successful anime series to its program. Here Tanjiro and Co. face new adventures. “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba –Mugen Train” (Quelle: © Koyoharu Gotoge / SHUEISHA, … Read more

How does Stephane Peterhansel, Mr Dakar, 56 years old, train. “But I’m a sweet tooth …”

How does Stephane Peterhansel Mr Dakar 56 years old train

The winner of 14 Dakar reveals the secrets of his physical preparation to the Gazzetta dello Sport, which allowed him to stay on the crest of the wave. A lot of cycling, a little bit of healthy enduro, but without giving up some gluttony. Because in life “it also takes some pleasure” Manuele Cecconi December … Read more

Unorthodox ‘train in a capsule’ could offer simple solution for at-risk patients

Journal Reference: Joshua A. Chu‐Tan, Max Kirkby, Riccardo Natoli. Running to save sight: The effects of exercise on retinal health and function. Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology, 2021; DOI: 10.1111/ceo.14023 The molecular messages are sent to our brain and potentially our eyes immediately after we exercise. The ANU team is conducting research to better understand what … Read more