The psychologist Colombo analyzes Tortu’s transformation into the relay

The psychologist Colombo analyzes Tortus transformation into the relay

In the final of the relay Filippo Tortu was simply perfect, the fastest (8 “845), even more: another athlete. The opinion of Dr. Andrea Colombo, sports psychologist While waiting for the great autumn marathons, it’s time for Italian athletics Club Championships. Saturday and Sunday a Caorle the Finale Gold who will award the scudetto (male … Read more

West Ham United: The Hammers’ Miraculous Transformation

West Ham United The Hammers Miraculous Transformation

With their behavior off the pitch, the players have from West Ham United in the past contributed significantly to the fact that the reputation as a chaos club was a constant companion of the East Londoners. A nice example is Mikhail Antonio’s Christmas odyssey from 2019. Disguised as a snowman, the striker steered his Lamborghini … Read more