Kevin Bacon to star in horror film about LGBT “conversion therapy”

In this age of inclusion and diversity, an LGBTQ-themed horror movie was already missing, and now Blumhouse, the producer behind films like Paranormal Activity – 83%, The Night of the Demon – 66%, Fragmented – 75% and Flee! – 99%, among others, will be in charge of a new project whose title has not been … Read more

TJ Miller is accused of transphobia by a film critic

It’s been a bad week for TJ Miller, the comedy actor best known for being Deadpool’s infallible friend – 84%, because they were not only accused of sexually assaulting a woman and therefore lost their television series The Gorburger Show, which was broadcast on Comedy Central, canceled after the scandals, but has now also been … Read more

Letitia Wright shares anti-vaccine and transphobic video

After a dark year that left severe economic consequences in all sectors, including the film and entertainment industry, a light of hope is radiating around the world with the news that the United Kingdom has approved the first vaccine against Covid-19 . While many celebrate this achievement of science in record time, the Black Panther … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe apologizes for JK Rowling’s transphobic comments

Daniel Radcliffe said he is “deeply sorry for any pain caused” by the comments from JK Rowling about transgender people. Consequently, the author is being singled out as transphobic. But Daniel, being aware of his position and influence, decided to make his position clear on the matter. “Transgender women are women. Any statement to the … Read more

Katherine Waterston Says It’s Important To Address JK Rowling’s Transphobia

For someone who thought they were very progressive, JK Rowling was a disappointment. The author of the Harry Potter book saga had no problem revealing to the world that she considers trans women a threat, not only in several tweets, but in an entire “essay” she posted on her website. Fortunately, many of the actors … Read more