Třinec – Olomouc 3: 1, The steelmakers again decided to win over Olomouc in the third period. Hradec Králové – Sport.cz

Trinec Olomouc 3 1 The steelmakers again decided to

Both teams quickly agreed on a overplay because their opponents are in quarantine and had to postpone the match. Třinec started exactly after a week, when he defeated Zlín even without almost half of the basic line-up. The steelworkers were already playing in a complete lineup. Olomouc, which had a match break five days longer, … Read more

Trinec – Zlin 6: 2, Weakened Trinec did not hesitate after a coronavirus break, he also celebrated thanks to Chmielewski’s two goals – Sport.cz

Trinec Zlin 6 2 Weakened Trinec did not hesitate

Třinec played for the first time after ten days and after a weekly quarantine, during which he postponed three matches and lost first place in the table. The defending champion also wanted to move the match with Zlín, because during the control tests needed to exit the quarantine, several other positive findings on coronavirus appeared … Read more