Triumph TE-1, il concept della prima moto elettrica della casa britannica

Triumph TE 1 il concept della prima moto elettrica della casa

Avviato nel maggio 2019, il progetto Triumph TE-1 chiude la terza fase giungendo alla conclusione del lungo percorso con gli attesi test su strada. Un progetto unico con l’ambizione di rilanciare lo stile e il design dell’industria inglese Lo storico marchio inglese annuncia la conclusione della terza fase del progetto TE-1 svelando il prototipo dimostrativo … Read more

Giroud finds Sarri: from the “rude” Higuain, to the triumph together in the Europa League

Giroud finds Sarri from the rude Higuain to the triumph

On Wednesday evening at the San Siro in the Italian Cup, the French AC Milan challenge the Lazio coach who coached him at Chelsea. A season together with a continental trophy and some misunderstandings … Sarri once used it as a shield. Building behind Giroud, tall and big, two shoulders like that, 11 trophies and … Read more

Alpine skiing: Hemetsberger shines in Swiss triumph

Alpine skiing Hemetsberger shines in Swiss triumph

Hemetsberger, tenth on the shortened descent on Friday, as a test pilot on the perfectly groomed Streif with start number one, put in a courageous and visually almost flawless ride. 0.90 seconds finally separated the Upper Austrian from Feuz, who conquered his 16th World Cup victory (13th in the downhill) and the first of the … Read more

Descent of Wengen, triumph (notwithstanding) for Kriechmayr. Paris third

Descent of Wengen triumph notwithstanding for Kriechmayr Paris third

In the race without having played the tests (he returned negative in time, but Austria had not let him start) the world champion from Cortina mocked Feuz for 34 cents. Domme returns to the podium It is an Austrian holiday in Wengen. Vincent Kriechmayr (2’26 ”09) triumphs on the longest track of the World Cup, … Read more

Triumph Volpi, Luperi second, Foconi and Favaretto third: the blue foil shines

Triumph Volpi Luperi second Foconi and Favaretto third the blue

In the first stage of the World Cup, the Sienese wins in Poznan, the Leghorn surrendered only to the Hong Kong Olympian Ka Long Cheung It is great Italy in foil: a triumph and 3 other podiums. Alice Volpi begins her 2022 on the platform with a triumph. The Sienese, already world champion, for the … Read more

Dakar auto, special triumph for Sainz: the 40th stage is the first for the electric Audi

Dakar auto special triumph for Sainz the 40th stage is

In the third stage of the raid, the Spaniard takes the RS Q e-tron to victory: the Ingolstadt manufacturer rejoices, placing Peterhansel 3rd behind the Toyota of Lategan. Al Attiyah only 8th but remains leader, Loeb moves away by our correspondent Paolo Ianieri January 4th – Milano There is new energy in the Dakar. The … Read more

Benetton avalanche on the Zebras: 5 tries and bonuses in the triumph 39-14

Benetton avalanche on the Zebras 5 tries and bonuses in

In the first direct match of the season, the Lions dominate the derby. Five heavy points for the play-offs and qualification for the next Champions League. Never, in the twelve Celtic seasons, including the first two years played by the Aironi, had there been such an unbalanced derby. In the first direct seasonal confrontation, however, … Read more

Klaebo is the ruler of the ski Tour: bis triumph over Cermis

Klaebo is the ruler of the ski Tour bis triumph

The Norwegian, after the record of victories in the World Cup, conquers for the second time after 2019 the stage review that assigns 400 points. Pellegrino 20th of the stage, the unfortunate De Fabiani 25th in the general The Tour de ski is by ace Klaebo. For the greatest and most complete cross-country skier in … Read more

Röiseland from the 12th place flew for a triumph in the fighter. Despite three mistakes, Davidová also improved –

Roiseland from the 12th place flew for a triumph in

All the Czechs shot the opening lane without a mistake, it moved David to tenth place and Jislová even ten places up to twenty-four. However, the best of the national team then made one mistake at the second stop on the shooting range and returned from the penalty round to 14th position with a loss … Read more

Europeans in Kazan: fabulous Paltrinieri in the 19th century, Orsi and Castiglioni also triumph

Europeans in Kazan fabulous Paltrinieri in the 19th century Orsi

In Kazan Greg beats Wellbrock with the European record. The Bolognese wins with the Italian record in 50 ”95 in the 100 medley, the Varese in the 50 breaststroke on Pilato. Silver with record for Miressi in the 100 sl Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli November 7 – Milano Fabulous Paltrinieri: the first 800 of the history … Read more