Twentieth Century Fox’s Futuristic VR Innovation

Fast Company knows you’re curious about VR, but probably still have a lot of questions. That’s why we are launching a new column where our own Daniel Terdiman will answer all of your questions about the new technology. So start sending your burning VR questions to Daniel now at In the middle of what … Read more

Twentieth Century Fox Launches Movie of the Day App on Apple TV

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is giving couples a good reason to avoid sky-high restaurant bills this Valentine’s Day, as the company is launching its Movie of the Day app on Apple TV Tuesday. The app, previously available on iOS devices, gives customers a 24-hour window to purchase a movie in digital HD for a price … Read more

Twentieth Century Fox Television Wins Trademark Case, ‘Empire’ Does Not Infringe –

On Thursday, November 16th, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit entered a ruling in a trademark case appealed from the Central District of California involving the Twentieth Century Fox Television show Empire. The Ninth Circuit affirmed the lower court’s ruling that the television show’s title was speech protected under the First Amendment and … Read more

Twentieth Century Fox dominates Baftas with 25 nominations | News

In its final year of independent operation prior to the Disney takeover, Twentieth Century Fox once again led the field for most Baftas nominations, picking up a company record 25. For the fourth time in five years Fox led the pack, this year ahead of Entertainment One and Universal, which both recorded 15. Fox’s best-performing … Read more