10 Unexpectedly Great Character Duos

Much like James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, The Suicide Squad has been praised for creating a tangible team dynamic between its central characters. Amidst all the hard-R violence and shocking sight gags, the members of Task Force X become real friends and work together to bring down a giant starfish. RELATED: The 10 Funniest … Read more

Friends: 10 episodes that turn unexpectedly emotional

For 10 years, Friends was synonymous with high-end comedy. Often marketed as NBC’s “must see television” flagship show, Friends he constantly entertained audiences with witty lines, great physical comedy, and various ways to make Joey increasingly clueless. While audiences may wipe a tear from a well-deserved laugh, the series often veers toward more dramatic storylines … Read more

Friends: 10 Episodes That Unexpectedly Get Emotional

For 10 years, Friends was synonymous with top-tier comedy. Often marketed as the flagship program for NBC’s “must-see TV,” Friends would consistently entertain audiences with quippy one-liners, great physical comedy, and various ways to make Joey more and more clueless. While audiences might wipe a tear away from a well-deserved belly laugh, oftentimes the show would … Read more

Tom Cruise Unexpectedly Shocks Hikers With Parachute Landing for ‘Mission: Impossible 8’ Scene

The action franchise Mission: Impossible has been running strong for nearly 25 years with Tom Cruise. That is quite an impressive stretch for any series, especially when it comes to action films. At their core, the movies are notorious for their elaborate stunts and special effects. They have been wowing fans since they began in … Read more