Universal Movies will stream exclusively on Peacock after leaving theaters

Universal Movies will stream exclusively on Peacock after leaving theaters

The world of streaming has just undergone another major upheaval. Universal has announced a new deal with Peacock, the streaming service launched by NBCUniversal last year. Under the agreement, newly released films, starting in 2022, will stream exclusively on the service no later than four months after they first make it available in theaters. This … Read more

A roadmap for deepening understanding of a puzzling universal process

Journal Reference: Hantao Ji, William Daughton, Jonathan Jara-Almonte, Ari Le, Adam Stanier, Jongsoo Yoo. Magnetic reconnection in the era of exascale computing and multiscale experiments. Nature Reviews Physics, 2022; 4 (4): 263 DOI: 10.1038/s42254-021-00419-x Reconnection converts the magnetic field energy to particle eruptions in astrophysical plasmas by snapping apart and explosively reconnecting the magnetic field … Read more

Universal flu vaccine candidate

Journal Reference: Ranmali Kavishna, Tha Yang Kang, Maurizio Vacca, Benson Yen Leong Chua, Hae-Young Park, Peck Szee Tan, Vincent TK Chow, Mireille H Lahoud, Sylvie Alonso. A single-shot vaccine approach for the universal influenza A vaccine candidate M2e. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2022; 119 (13) DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2025607119 Influenza, commonly referred to as … Read more

Omicron, scientists working on the universal vaccine: it will protect against all variants, here are the times

Omicron scientists working on the universal vaccine it will protect

I vaccinei protect you from the serious consequences of infection with Covid, but with the arrival of variants their effectiveness has significantly decreased in preventing infections. To get out of the nightmare of the pandemic, scientists are working on a universal vaccine, able to fight the coronavirus in all its forms. The variant problem first … Read more