Tom Cruise sparks cosmetic surgery rumors after looking unrecognizable

In a rare public appearance, Tom Cruise left fans wondering if it was really the actor, as his appearance made him look so different. Immediately rumors began of a possible cosmetic intervention that would have inflamed her face. The 59-year-old artist appeared in San Francisco with his adopted son, Connor, during a baseball game between … Read more

This is what the actors of the movie ‘Percy Jackson’ look like 10 years after the premiere, they are unrecognizable!

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment via IMDB It’s been 10 years since Logan Lerman starred in the movie Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, first tape of what I hoped would be a trilogy. The story is an adaptation of the first of six novels that make up the series Percy Jackson and the Olympian … Read more

Tom Cruise appears unrecognizable with his face completely swollen

Tom Cruise He has been known for being, for at least three decades, one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood, even in 1990 “People” magazine named him “the sexiest man alive in the world.” The above without counting his success as a film actor that has led him to be one of the best … Read more

Was an “arrangement” made? Tom Cruise looks unrecognizable in his last public appearance and the networks go crazy

Tom Cruise became a trend on social networks for his appearance. Foto: John Phillips / Getty Images The actor Tom Cruise He has given something to talk about again, but this time it is not thanks to his interpretation of a character or risky adventure through a scene, but for the drastic change in his … Read more

‘Nobody’: Bob Odenkirk Almost Unrecognizable in First Action Movie Screenshots – Movie News

Before seeing him again as Jimmy McGill in the famous series ‘Better Call Saul’, Bob Odenkirk stars in the action thriller ‘Nobody and is almost unrecognizable in the first photos’; Are we looking at the new action movie star? American actor Bob Odenkirk has become a cult figure on television thanks to his role as … Read more

Ricky Martin unrecognizable with his aesthetic retouch: the memes

Alexander TamargoGetty Images The new (and unrecognizable) face that Ricky Martin has looked in an interview after some aesthetic touch-ups has caused a flood of memes on Twitter. He has surgery more than 30 times to look like Ricky Martin What is the best aesthetic treatment for men according to their age? Everyone thinks the … Read more

Angelina Jolie poses unrecognizable in Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’

Albert L. OrtegaGetty Images Angelina Jolie stars The Eternals, the new one marvel movie which will hit theaters next November. The actress has posed for Entertainment Weekly in her role as a superhero and is practically unrecognizable with her new look. Salma Hayek and other co-stars have done the same to promote this film directed … Read more

‘Pistol’: Maisie Williams is unrecognizable in the Sex Pistols biopic

A project to mark in the box is ‘Pistol’, the series that Danny Boyle prepares, the director of films like ‘Trainspotting’ or ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. Boyle will address in a six-episode miniseries the rise to success during the 70s of the well-known – and controversial – British punk band the Sex Pistols. For this, it will … Read more