The Conjuring 3: Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga tell us about the case and the movie

The Conjuring 3 It is a new opportunity to see the Warrens in action, this time involved in the first (real) case of a murderer who used the devil as a defense in court. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga they are back as Ed y Lorraine Warren for a new installment of the terrifying saga … Read more

Spanish Director Paco Plaza Talks Horror Film ‘The Grandmother,’ Starring Former Chanel Model Vera Valdez

Paco Plaza, director of the Spanish horror film “La Abuela” (“The Grandmother”), remembers distinctly how Coco Chanel’s favorite model, Vera Valdez, who co-stars in his latest film, responded before boarding a plane to Paris to sit out the pandemic when their production shut down early last year: “I will stay alive.” Although they did not … Read more