Scott Eastwood wants to be the next Wolverine

If there’s one thing Scott Eastwood has gotten used to, it’s trying to keep up. Having that last name in Hollywood should not be an easy task, the shadow of one of the most iconic actors in film history is long and Scott has not yet been able to approach the status of his father. … Read more

Willow Sage Hart: 10 curiosities that you did not know about Pink’s daughter | Photos and videos | Billboard Music Awards 2021 nnda nnlt | CHEKA

Pink, one of the most popular American singers in Hollywood, has been characterized by her quirky voice and tough-girl style of pop punk. The 41-year-old artist is passionate about music, but what she loves most in the world is her children. MORE INFORMATION: Pink: husband points out that his son bathed ‘4, 5 times a … Read more

Adam Brody beyond ‘the OC’

Participating as the main character in a television series can be an opportunity for people to get to know you and thus open a gap in a world that is not easy at all. This is the case with Adam Brody, who He achieved great fame between 2003 and 2007 for playing Seth Cohen on … Read more

Margot Robbie and Jay Hernandez: “I think the critics have missed the party”

Despite the bad reviews, the expectation around ‘Suicide Squad’ has not diminished one bit. David Ayer’s film, which has already become the best preview in the month of August in history in the United States, thus surpassing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, has reached Spanish cinemas after the critics beat it in your first opinions. The … Read more

Salma Hayek (‘Eternals’): “I want every girl who wears Ajak’s suit to think that anything is possible”

On November 5, the 25th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe hits theaters, and it’s not just any. ‘Eternals’ expands the mythology of the franchise in a big way with a new group of superheroes who have been on Earth for 7,000 years protecting us from the Deviants. Chlo√© Zhao, winner of the Oscar for … Read more

‘Stranger Things’: Charlie Heaton opens up about his drug incident and if it will affect the series

Last October, Charlie Heaton was deported from the United States when LAX airport authorities found drugs among his belongings. His arrest made the actor unable to attend the premiere of the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ in Los Angeles. In his day, It was the show’s costume designer, Kim Wilcox, who came to the young … Read more

New images of ‘Black Widow’ with Scarlett Johanson in action and the mysterious character of OT Fagbenle

There is less and less, after many delays, for the theatrical release of ‘Black Widow’, the new film of Scarlett Johansson’s character on May 7. To make the wait more enjoyable, Today we bring you new never-before-seen images of the film that have been published through Twitter. The photographs where, in addition to Natasha Romanoff, … Read more

From ‘The Mummy’ to ‘The Favorite’: Rachel Weisz’s Essential Roles

Definitely, Rachel Weisz’s career has been quite a path to stardom. The British actress has managed to forge a filmography in which can be found from blockbusters to independent films. An artist who has not been afraid to face different genres, from period drama, to horror films, to popcorn action films or a criminal thriller. … Read more

Charlie Hunnam surprises with this drastic physical change for ‘Papillon’

When you think of Charlie Hunnam, you may imagine him as muscular as he appears in the series ‘Sons of Anarchy’ or in the movie ‘Pacific Rim’, but the interpreter has become one of many Hollywood actors, such as Christian Bale or Charlize Theron, who have had to lose and gain weight for a role. … Read more

His addiction problems and other curiosities of Joe Manganiello

In 2014, Joe Manganiello was named the sexiest bachelor by People magazine, but the title was short-lived, as he soon announced his engagement to Sofia Vergara, and the explosive couple married the following year. Since then, Manganiello has often appeared in the press in relation to his marriage to the famous ‘Modern Family’ actress, but … Read more