Fashion: Leave fall behind and dare to wear spring colors nndc | VIU

The spring arrived on this side of the continent, the sun accompanies us with still weak brightness and the cold gives way to the change of season. That is why even the color of the clothes changes to be consistent with the climate, which also manages to give us more enthusiasm and joy. Therefore, we … Read more

The first bride to wear flat shoes was a queen

It is enough to review the looks of the more viral and elegant brides to check that most of the girls who get married prefer high-heeled shoes for your wedding. Trendy designs that allow them to stylize their silhouette and they usually wear until the moment of the party, when they change them for a … Read more

How to Wear a Black Dress, by Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek

“A woman is never too dressy or too casual in a black dress“This phrase that designer Karl Lagerfeld said at the time is very true. The black dress it is totally oblivious to trends and seasons. You always have to have one in your wardrobe. Nobody better than Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek to show … Read more

Nick Jonas has the only slip-on shoes you’re going to want to wear (and they’re worth less than $ 70)

Much has rained since Joe, Kevin y Nick Jonas they rose to fame like the Jonas Brothers. After publishing in 2005 Mandy, their first single as a band, the trio have had time to conquer the Disney factory, to go around the world with their massive tours, to try their luck as solo artists and … Read more

Henry Cavill Could Wear Superman Black Outfit- Daily Research Plot

Henry Cavill Updates: In the grand scheme of things, Henry Cavill’s black Superman healthy in Zack Snyder’s Justice League served no different motive than fan service, however, that’s to be predicted whilst a fantastic deal of the filmmaker’s verbiage revolves across the words ‘cool’ or ‘remarkable’. Funnily enough, it turned into each cool and remarkable … Read more

Jude Law at the Talented Mr. Ripley: how to wear the look for less than $ 2,000 MXN

Jude Law it has been the bearer of unforgettable styles. Few are the ribbons that permeate the way of appreciating the style or the way in which the wardrobe manages to become a statement and even in trend. And it is that fashion and the seventh art walk hand in hand to make possible contexts … Read more

‘Gone Girl’ Shut Down Production For Four Days Because Ben Affleck Refused to Wear a Yankees Hat

Actors and directors don’t always see eye-to-eye. Some of the best scenes in films were a result of a conflict that arose on the set when the actor disagreed with part of the script. Some of these disagreements resulted in changes that took the films in a whole new direction, while others were very simple … Read more