Melissa McCarthy’s overcoming, from suffering from fat phobia to earning US $ 25 million per film

Actress Melissa McCarthy –Sookie St. Jamesen on the Gilmore Girls series- charge today $ 25 million per film. The figure is juicy in itself. In addition, according to the ranking of Forbes magazine, it places her below only Sofía Vergara, Angelina Jolie y Gal Gadot. A first leap into those quirky numbers came with the … Read more

What is intermittent fasting and why is it revolutionizing weight loss diets?

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Debra Winger Turned Down Weight Loss Pills on ‘Officer and a Gentleman’

Winger said she was offered weight loss pills after being told she looked “puffy in the dailies.” She recalls saying: “I’m not taking that.” Winger said she felt strong enough “to say no to these f—ing a–holes.” Loading Something is loading. Debra Winger says while starring in the now-classic 1982 romantic drama “An Officer and … Read more

Rahul Kohli on 30 lb Weight Gain and Becoming ‘Clint Eastwood’ – nonenglishfeed

Rahul Kohli was riding an adrenaline high. He was meeting in the office of Mike Flanagan, the modern horror master behind the Haunting series, and there was a box of pizza sitting on his desk. The pair were still filming The Haunting of Bly Manor together when Flanagan offered him a role in an upcoming … Read more

This is the method that helped you lose weight

The actress Rebel Wilson not only shocked the world with her shocking makeover, but it also became a reference for those who, like her, have sought options to look and feel healthy. In addition, the security that this has provided you, has been very inspiring for the rest of his followers who through his discipline … Read more