Will Smith Once Slapped A ‘Reporter’ Who Tried To Kiss Him

Despite being well renowned as one of Hollywood’s good guys, Will Smith once had a bit of a snap at a ‘reporter’ who tried to kiss him on the cheek once. Check it out below. Of course, the person wasn’t really a reporter, no self-respecting journalist would ever stoop that low for a story, right? … Read more

Will Smith: his career, his new projects and his autobiographical book in which he discovers his darkest moments

Smith’s story begins in Wynnefield, the middle-class neighborhood in West Philadelphia where his parents moved the family when he was two years old. “For a young black family from the 1970s, this was the closest thing to the American dream you could have “, writes about the brick houses huddled in rows. In the book, … Read more

Fitbit’s Will Smith workouts arrive

When Fitbit announced its association with Will Smith, exclusive content was promised for Fitbit Premium, starting in late September. The first routines are now here. The first six StrongWill sessions featuring Will Smith’s trainers are: • Bodyweight Strength with Roz the Diva• Core Challenge with Jahdy• Find Your Centre with Faith Hunter• Mobility Flow Yoga … Read more

The Most Surprising Hollywood Open Couples

Love is experienced in multiple ways, there are no conclusive concepts and each being goes through that feeling in different ways. Stigmas are no longer the order of the day, based on the freedoms to question and reflect in these times. Marriage has always been linked to an institution, but many people understand it as … Read more

Will Smith has a luxury motorhome worth 2.5 million with a movie theater and sauna

Will Smith has an amazing motorhome, a kind of gigantic and luxurious house on wheels valued at a whopping $ 2.5 million. This is not a whim or an item bought just to show off. If we consider that the life of an actor is full of trips and transfers, even of several months and … Read more

Will Smith wants to play Deadshot again and is glad he was not replaced in The Suicide Squad

In 2016 Suicide Squad – 25% was one of the most anticipated films thanks to the characters that it would bring to the DCEU, and the way in which they managed to sell the film through the advances that managed to become a peculiar choreography between peak moments of the characters and one of the … Read more

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett: this is how the couple who are talking about their “open relationship” met | Testimony | Story | Truth | EC Stories | TVMAS

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett They have stayed together despite the difficulties that every marriage has. And when the world thought there would be no more drama from this couple – who have been together for more than 23 years – Smith confirmed that their marriage is an “open” relationship. SIGHT: Will Smith admits his … Read more

Will Smith Teams Up with Disney+ To Explore the World in New Docuseries

Get Up Erica Featured Video CLOSE Source: Kyle Christy / National Geographic for Disney+ Will Smith is coming back to your TV screen, but this time it’s to explore Mother Earth as a part of the new Disney+ docuseries, ‘Welcome to Earth.’ Want news at your fingertips? Text “ERICA” to 52140 to join our club. … Read more

Rumor: David Ayer’s cut from Suicide Squad could hit HBO Max

At the time, Suicide Squad – 25% promised to be the movie that would revolutionize comic book adaptations in cinema. The cast and executives constantly applauded this project for being totally different from the world of Marvel and its younger audience. With protagonists far from classical morality, an unpredictable story and a lot of blood, … Read more

“Aladdin”: we talk with Mena Massoud, the protagonist of the film | VIDEO | LIGHTS

How to get a classic from Disney have an impact on the new generations? For Guy Ritchie, director of “Aladdin”, the answer lies in addressing various current issues such as female empowerment. From a renewed soundtrack to the story of the characters. That’s how “Aladdin”, the 1992 classic, will return to the big screen this … Read more