Vanessa Kirby | Oscar 2021: the movies to watch in streaming of the nominee for the Oscars | Fragments of a Woman | SKIP-ENTER

According to the criteria of Know more British Vanessa Kirby is an actress who has amazed the world with her talent. It was her role in the hit series “The Crown” as the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth (Princess Margaret) that put her in the sights of Hollywood and thanks to the film “Fragments of … Read more

Leslie Jones: the sin of being a woman, black and funny | News, Fashion

The summer in which you finally reach the top of your profession can also turn out to be the worst of your life. Well you know Leslie Jones, a celebrity in the United States thanks to his hilarious interventions on the show Saturday Night Live. The actress is being victim of racist and sexist attacks … Read more

Is Zoe Saldana the most criticized woman in Hollywood? | News, Fashion

When Zoe Saldana tweeted one of Nina Simone’s most famous quotes on Wednesday (“freedom is living without fear”), she didn’t know what was coming. The actress is in charge of giving life to the jazz diva in Nina, the biopic that will be released on April 2 in the US (co-starring David Oyelowo in the … Read more

“Global Wellness Day” Saturday June 12, 2021

Saturday June 12, 2021 will mark the 10th annual celebration of World Wellness Day (GWD). After last year’s unprecedented and highly successful 24-hour free live broadcast in the face of the pandemic, this year’s special day will be celebrated online globally with a free 12-hour live broadcast in concert with public events. insurance and free … Read more

Terrifying Deepfake Recasts Willem Dafoe As Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’

A disturbing deepfake that sees Willem Dafoe replace Julia Roberts as the star of Pretty Woman has stunned fans on social media. To the uninitiated, a deepfake is a piece of video footage in which a digitally animated mask is applied to the face of one individual on screen, making them resemble someone else entirely. … Read more

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Promising Young Woman (Blu-ray Review)

Reviewed by: Dennis Seuling Review Date: Aug 24, 2021 Format: Blu-ray Disc Director Emerald Fennell Release Date(s) 2020 (March 16, 2021) Studio (s) Focus Features (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment) Film/Program Grade: A Video Grade: A Audio Grade: B+ Extras Grade: C Review Rape and revenge have been explored in many films, including Sudden Impact, Extremities, … Read more

Michael Douglas finally ‘divorces’ Diandra, the woman who discovered Mallorca

26/08/2021 – 10:55 Updated: 08/26/2021 – 10:58 “I’m old enough to realize that ‘A happy wife, happy life’. Diandra is no longer the co-owner of S’Estaca, sharing it was not pleasant for anyone. Catherine is very happy here, we have our privacy and everyone is very nice to us. I can’t imagine any other place … Read more