Ryan Reynolds Says Sexism Is Responsible for Blake Lively’s Hard Work Going Unnoticed

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars today. His latest project, Free Guy, was number one at the box office in early September — and it’s just the most recent in a string of movies and roles that audiences loved. From his standout role as Deadpool, to his turn in Netflix’s original 6 Underground, … Read more

That’s the trouble with Chequers: it makes you forget you might have some work to do | Catherine Bennett

Before he became boon companion to the now-disgraced financier, Lex Greensill, David Cameron devoted a chunk of his autobiography to justifying Chequers, first among the government’s collection of country houses. “All I can say is that it makes the job more do-able and frees the PM from the day-to-day fray so he or she can … Read more

Disney+ Show ‘Behind the Attraction’ Accused of Plagiarizing Artist’s Work

All the way back in 2019 — which seems like another lifetime — Disney launched its own streaming service, Disney+. Not only were there hundreds of Disney, Marvel, LucasFilm, and Pixar movies and television shows available in one place, but Disney also released some original content and promised a lot more. One original series released … Read more

Why David Fincher and Robert Downey Jr won’t work together

Actors and directors are notorious for being a complicated bunch. Never ones to shy away from voicing their opinions either onset or after a film/show has been released; since the dawn of cinema, audiences have been offered a vast array of gaffes, rivalries, and in some cases, examples of intense hatred between the two sets … Read more

Emojis Get a Refresh, New Additions Amid Growing Use for Work

The governing body of emojis released a new batch of the graphic images that convey human expressions and add other visual context to text communications. Among them are a face holding back tears and hands making a heart shape. But big tech companies including Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Microsoft Corp. and Facebook Inc. have also been … Read more

Jimmy Butcher talks work with Kanye West, leaving full-time tattoos

Whatever your feelings are about Kanye West, you have to admit that he’s fascinating. With his multiple number one records, his often-outrageous political beliefs, and his genre bending fashion, he commands attention even from folks like me, whose entire exposure to his music is through random encounters mostly by other people playing it. So it … Read more

Robotics firm takes last unit at Mersey Reach as work starts on phase two

X Register for free to receive latest news stories direct to your inbox Register A Merseyside firm pioneering the use of industrial robots has become the latest occupier to sign up for the Mersey Reach development in Aintree, Liverpool. CNC Robotics is to establish an advanced manufacturing facility in the last remaining unit in phase … Read more

Corey Hawkins tells us what it’s like to work with Denzel Washington

Dolce & Gabbana jacket, t-shirt and pants; Rhude’expand = sunglasses Djeneba Aduayom In 2017, actor Corey Hawkins was shooting a movie in Toronto when he received a call from the producers of the US Open. The singer they had hired to perform at the start of the men’s singles final had fallen out: Would Hawkins … Read more

documentary spans the virologist’s work on two pandemics

To some he is a hero, the rock star, the savior of the nation. To others he is a bad guy, a disaster, the enemy, the “swamp creature.” It seems no one can be neutral about Anthony Fauci. As he himself says in the new documentary Fauci made by National Geographic films in partnership with … Read more