Black Widow: Florence Pugh is surprised by the reception her character has had among fans

Black Widow – 87% is now available in theaters and on Disney Plus and is achieving what many other movies can only dream of in these times of pandemic. Natasha Romanoff’s adventure includes the addition of several memorable characters, including Yelena Belova, a young Black Widow played by Florence Pugh. The truth is that the … Read more

Florence Pugh, Marvel’s Rising Star: What other movies to see her in? | TV and Show

Many began to hear the name of Florence Pugh for the first time when Marvel announced a couple of years ago that she would be in charge of giving life to Yelena belova on Black Widow. However, this British actress is much more than that. At 25, he has an extensive career, having been part … Read more

What Makes Yelena More Compelling Than Just a Black Widow Copy

Yelena Belova is a character that I found myself instantly fascinated by when watching Marvel’s Black Widow. Not only is she the epitome of a “little sister” in how she reacts to Natasha, but she also finds a way to cling to this idea that when she was in Ohio, it was the only time … Read more