Europeans: in the 1,500 Paltrinieri is the best in the heats, also Martinenghi and Zazzeri ok

Europeans in the 1500 Paltrinieri is the best in the

In Kazan the Olympian aims to defend the 2019 title in the short course. But watch out for the German Wellbrock. In the 200 back Panziera ahead with the 4th time Stefano Arcobelli November 3 – Milano Gregorio Paltrinieri is already first at the European Championships in Kazan in short course. The Rio Olympian, who … Read more

Super Martinenghi d’oro! Paltrinieri, Zazzeri and Panziera d’argento, Bianchi di bronzo agli Europei

Super Martinenghi doro Paltrinieri Zazzeri and Panziera dargento Bianchi di

In Kazan another great blue session: Gregorio yields in the 1500s only to a great Wellbrok. The sprinter is close to the coup, the backstroke gives the title to Toussaint, the Bianchi is confirmed in the 200 butterfly Stefano Arcobelli @sarcobelli November 4 – Milano A gold, 3 silvers and a bronze in the third … Read more