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Any action movie fan under 40 has almost the same favorite actors. From Denzel Washington with his saga “The Justiciero”, to Keanu Reeves with “John Wick”, passing, of course, by Vin Diesel in any of his appearances on “Fast and Furious.” However, for those who have one of the streaming services, a common (and very specific) absence was striking. It was that of Liam Neeson. It is very difficult to find the Irish actor in his remembered saga “Relentless Search”, or “Taken”, as it was released in its original language.

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Indeed, although we can find it in other action films such as “Nonstop”, “A night to survive” or “Subzero risk”, and even in films of different genres such as “Schindler’s List” (Netflix), “Love Actually ”(Prime Video) or“ The Phantom Menace ”(Disney +), finding retired agent Brian Mills was almost an impossible mission. Until Star + became the complete saga for its Latin American usersto. By offering the complete saga of “Relentless Search”, Star + follows in the footsteps of networks like Netflix, which offers the entire collection of “Rocky”, Disney with its hit movies “Avengers” or HBO Max with “Harry Potter.

But why is “Relentless Search” still a classic of contemporary action cinema?

Taken to the big screen between 2008 and 2014, “Relentless search”Told the story of Brian Mills, a retired government agent who, coincidentally when he decided to reinforce the weak family ties with his wife and daughter, was forced to use his best weapons to save their lives.

Liam Neeson.
Liam Neeson.

Part of the tacit agreement between the proposal that this saga meant and its thousands of fans around the world was that we were facing a weak and unambitious argument (plot). These shortcomings, however, were correctly weighed against three factors: a stable cast, good external locations, and, of course, lots of action.


Perhaps 10 years ago it was easier for a production company to hold a cast together in films six years apart. In this case, Liam Neeson (Brian Mills), Maggie Grace (his daughter, Kim Mills), and Famke Janssen (Lenore or Lenny, the ex-wife) began and ended the story, achieving in each new installment a mutual trust that was evident onscreen.

But this does not end with the protagonists. Throughout the three parts, Brian’s friends are also repeated. A team of government agents (also retired), who, between grills and golf games, never lost the intelligence and speed necessary to help their friend Brian when he needed them.

Forest Whitaker en "Taken".
Forest Whitaker en “Taken”.

Although the circumstantial villains did change throughout history, and we refer to those who always lose in the one-on-one fight against the ex-agent Mills, there is a character who without using fists acts as the protagonist in the last installment. We are referring to Detective Franck Dotzler, played by the talented Forest Whitaker. He will be responsible for searching for Brian Mills while he discovers that he was not the one who ultimately killed Lenny, his wife.


Without having the budget of great film sagas, “Relentless Search” fulfilled if we speak of external locations. The first installment took place in Paris, and soberly showed some of the ‘holes’ where the Albanian immigrants who kidnapped Kim Mills took refuge and spent their days before committing their misdeeds.

Liam Neeson en "Taken".
Liam Neeson en “Taken”.

Continuing with part one, the viewer is able to see how the dark world of the exploitation of women moves in the Parisian suburbs. It is in these spaces where Brian will do the investigative work (in less than 48 hours) prior to finding the whereabouts of his kidnapped daughter.

Already in the second part, “Relentless Search” moves to Turkey. Until then, agent Mills must travel for “a job”, later being followed by his ex-wife and daughter. In this installment we will see multiple aerial shots that confirm the beauty of a city like Istanbul, but also the populousness of its neighborhoods and the narrowness of its streets.

Maggie Grace is Kim Mills in "Taken".
Maggie Grace es Kim Mills en “Taken”.

Finally, the third part of this saga returns to the United States. No more is needed to find out who really killed Lenny, Brian’s wife. Here the routes will be on highways, with aerial shots, but also in university schools, under drains and sewers of the city of Los Angeles.


And although we mention it at the end, perhaps the key to success and remembrance of a saga like “Relentless search”- amidst so many proposals of the same genre – be it how well the action scenes were carried out. Although it was always clear to us that Brian Mills (Liam Neeson) was not a hefty young man, a fan of exercises or anabolics, his maneuvers, punches and reflexes were always credible.

The Irish actor, now 69 years old, had played a series of films of completely different genres before this saga. From the aforementioned “Schindler’s list” or “Love Actually”, to episode one of the famous “Star Wars”. For the same reason, its passage to “Relentless search”Resulted for him the possibility of demonstrating his versatility, and remain forever in the retina of users who have made action cinema irreplaceable.

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Skip Intro: trailer for "And The Last Man. (Source: Star +)
Skip Intro: Trailer for “And The Last Man. (Source: Star +)



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Taken | Where to watch the saga in streaming | “Relentless Pursuit” on Star +: Why do we love the action saga with Liam Neeson so much? | SKIP-ENTER