Galan the vegetarian is a double wonder. Here is the Colombian challenge to Italy

The number one of the “Cafeteros” in the Cup is exalted and Cabal-Farah are one of the strongest pairs. At 4 pm the match against the Azzurri

From our correspondent Riccardo Crivelli

GIi unique, original Coffee growers remain those of the national football team, which is still battling in the South American group to snatch the last direct place at the World Cup in Qatar. Of the Davis Cup, in Colombia, one is interested in the right: to use a rather obvious joke, tennis over there is a rather restricted café. There was, it is true, an ATP tournament in Bogotà for three years (until 2015) and the women’s one still resists, but as Alejandro Falla, captain of the team we will face this afternoon, says, “our sport has great numbers. small, so it is an honor to be here for the second time (the Colombians played in the Finals also in 2019, ed), Davis is something very big for our federation, we hope that this visibility will serve to collect some money to invest in young people “.

Queen couple

Yet, despite having always moved on the outskirts of the racket empire, for some years Colombia has been giving the circuit one of the strongest doubles pairs of this era: Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah in 2019 won Wimbledon and Us Open , arriving at number one in the specialty (now they are tenths) and continue to represent the most solid foundation of the hopes of the other “Cafeteros” and the reason why we should not underestimate today’s intersection, given that in the current format the double has a enormous specific gravity. More than companions, Cabal and Farah are almost brothers: they have known each other since they were seven and began to compete in youth tournaments. In reality, Robert is not Colombian, but a Lebanese born in Canada and emigrated to Calì with his parents in 1990. By dint of challenging and winning everything at the junior level at home, they cemented an indissoluble friendship, but both would have been destined to change sporting passion if one day the CEO of Colsanitas, the largest health insurance company in the country, hadn’t funded the birth of an academy to train all the best prospects in the nation together. In 2006 Farah moved to the United States to play in college and the couple, formed just a year earlier, separated: both will try the adventure as singles, reaching the top 200. In 2010, however, they finally meet again and the road is scored, because they win the first three tournaments played (two Futures and a Challenger). From that moment on theirs will become an impetuous rise: «We have always been very competitive and when we faced each other in singles it was always a challenge to the death. So we joined forces ». In 2020 Farah escapes a disqualification for doping (anabolics) proving that the contamination had occurred through an adulterated steak.

Only vegetables

A problem that the best Colombian singles player, Daniel Galan, an interesting element who has been flirting for some time with the top 100 (he is 111, but at the beginning of November he was 102, best ranking) and with a modern tennis physique (he is 1.91), would definitely have avoided. The native of Bucaramanga, in fact, was the first player (along with Djokovic) to declare himself completely vegetarian. A choice that comes from the parents, Santos and Doris, both good volleyball players (the father, among other things, is still his coach today) who abandoned the meat he at the university and she for health problems: when they married, they passed the message on to their children. Daniel is the youngest of four, all tennis players: before him, the best had been Sat, number 650 in 2007. A solid player, this year Galan has faced Sonego twice (in Miami and Wimbledon) always losing but after fought battles. Captain Falla points us: “In Davis he exalts himself and will surely bring out the best. We are underdogs, but why not believe us.” Or bet a coffee on it.

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Galan the vegetarian is a double wonder. Here is the Colombian challenge to Italy