Magic Sinner, no happy ending. Medvedev says no. Jannik remains in the Top 10

In the last match of the Red Group, the Italian remedies 6-0 in the first set then wins the 2nd and gives in to the tie break of the 3rd after wasting two match points. Daniil unbeaten in the group

From our correspondent Federica Cocchi

The rubber man, as Matteo Berrettini had nicknamed him on the eve of the Nitto Atp Finals, tried to cancel Jannik Sinner but the ice man froze his ambitions. It was close to the miracle, Sinner lost 2-1 but what a show with Medvedev. In the last outing on the stage of the Pala Alpitour which had seen him triumph on Tuesday against Hubert Hurkacz, Jannik got off the ground. Or rather, he didn’t really start, he took a 6-0 then found courage and depth, bravado and service to equalize the 2nd set at the tie break and give everything in the third. One more tie break. But no happy ending, despite two match points for the Italian. “He is the hottest man of the moment – said Riccardo Piatti, creator of the South Tyrolean gold medal -, it will be important to face him to understand at what level we are”. We are at the level that Jannik has found the square, South Tyrolean head, Neapolitan heart. Between fists, cheers, “Vamos” managed to get out of a situation that seemed to have no way out. This was the right venue, the Finals, in front of the public who just a few nights earlier had embraced him, raised him up, praised for having replaced in a more than worthy way the poor Cap stopped by misfortune and his fragile physicality.

It was a match, tonight’s one, which would not have been used for the qualification, that had already vanished with the victory of Zverev in the early afternoon with Hurkacz, but it was still a rich dish. Apart from the 149,000 euros for the victory, there were 200 points at stake that would have enriched Jannik’s loot, already sure of the top 10 at the end of the season. They did not arrive and Daniil finishes undefeated in the group, which means 1500 points if he wins the tournament.

It was a hallucinating first set, a kind of lightning bolt, a centrifuge from which Sinner came out felted, wrinkled. Especially in pride. He, the 20-year-old talent already able to enter the top 10 in the world, was unable to enter the game. Break in the opening, and immediately down 2-0, Jannik could not find the key to get out of the safe where Medvedev had put him. One break after another, the dreaded 6-0 “bagel” arrived that no player would like to see on the scoreboard. In the first partial Sinner fielded 73% of prime time, with which he scored just 43% of points in an increasingly silent stadium, annihilated like him. The boy from the mountains took a little break in the locker room, to tidy up his ideas, maybe dry two understandable tears. On the return, the situation did not change: break point at the opening for the Russian. He manages to cancel it and calls the public, his weapon, he had defined it, wins the advantage and rejoices as if he had hit the final. To shake, and it works. Because after 33 minutes of play he manages to win the first game.


An achievement that revives him, that awakens the public, he dances in the stands of the Pala Alpitour, and Sinner finally begins to have fun. To enjoy the game to the point of being 2-1 15-40 ahead, two break points with applause from the rival to the public who rejoices for his double foul. It goes to the advantages and Jannik still has a break point. He finally puts his head forward, for the first time. A double ribbon at 3-1 relaunches Medvedev who has two balls to return. Another net and everything is on par. The South Tyrolean holds firm, he earns the opportunity of the tie break. At 6-5 a giant minibreak sends him to set point and this time Jannik clings to the ice of Val Fiscalina that runs through his veins. After the slaps, the rebirth. We go to the third.

The epilogue

Jannik presses the accelerator pedal, goes to full throttle, like when he drives Formula 1 on the Play. He takes advantage of the public and doesn’t let Medvedev’s yawns at the change of court make him nervous. The lesson from Vienna served him, he got a break, 3-2 with a double foul by Medvedev and Sinner confirmed the advantage: 4-2. But it’s never over. Never. Because in the eighth game Medvedev resumes his lost service and goes 4-4. Daniil returns the applause of the audience when his mistakes are applauded, then, at 5-4 40- for Jannik he corrects a call from the referee and concedes the game to Sinner. Reconciliation and tie break. With the Russian rising 2-0, then 3-1 after an exhausting exchange, in which he had to give everything to get the better of Jannik. It’s over? No. Sinner recovers, goes 5-5, has a match point at 6-5. Medvedev cancels it with a second at 200 hours. Match point Medvedev on our service. It’s over? No. Another match point, but this time for Jannik. We need a cardiotonic. Match point Medvedev and this time it’s really over: 10-8.

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Magic Sinner, no happy ending. Medvedev says no. Jannik remains in the Top 10