The best characters of Anton Yelchin

It is likely that the name Anton Yelchin is not so well known to many, but it is a fact that they have seen him in at least one of the various films he made. The Russian-born actor began his career in 2000 by participating in television series and subsequently had a more constant presence in the cinema. His time in acting began when he was still very young and at the age of 16 he managed to build a solid career, showing that he still had some important things to achieve.

Regrettably, Anton Yelchin He passed away at dawn on June 19 from a strange car accident, being just 27 years old. We will remember the actor with the films he made and, above all, thanks to those characters with whom he managed to stand out.

Deadly Suspicions

Zack is a teenager whose seemingly normal life changes completely when he is kidnapped by a drug dealer because his older brother owes him money. The film is based on a real case of kidnapping and murder.

Star Trek – 95%

Chekov He is part of the crew of the ship Enterprise, he is the navigational officer and he is also one of the youngest members of the team.

Star Trek: Into Darkness – 86%

Chekov he is forced to change his position due to certain unexpected circumstances, in the middle of a crisis he is responsible for ensuring the correct operation of the Enterprise.

Only Lovers Survive – 86%

Ian He is a young man truly passionate about rock, he knows a lot about music and his appearance is androgynous. Without knowing it, he is friends with a vampire and this causes him to have an unfortunate destiny.

Scary Night – 72%

Charley Brewster He has an ordinary life, he lives with his mother and tries not to ruin his relationship with the beautiful girl he is dating, but he unexpectedly becomes an inexperienced vampire hunter when he discovers that his new neighbor is actually a bloodthirsty being. .

Green Room – 91%

Pat He is a member of a punk band that angers an audience full of neo-Nazis during the last concert of a tour. What begins as a simple live rock performance ends in a brutal showdown.

Lovers ages 5 to 7 – 72%

Brian is a young aspiring writer living in New York who meets a woman older than him, with whom he begins a relationship despite the fact that she is married to a diplomat.

Odd Thomas – 34%

Odd Thomas He lives in a small town where he is seen as the strange boy of the place. Although it seems that he is just a cafeteria cook, in reality he is more than that as he can see spirits and uses his gift to help them, as well as to solve some murders.

Burying the Ex – 29%

Max He begins a relationship with a beautiful girl after his girlfriend, with whom he has already wanted to break up for a long time, dies in a rare accident. He overcomes what happened and begins a new stage in his life, but his old girlfriend returns from the dead because she refuses to leave him.

Terminator – Salvation – 33%

Kyle Reese He doesn’t know, but he is destined to be the father of the leader of the human resistance in the war against machines in a post-apocalyptic future. We had already seen the character before, but meeting him in his adolescent version was a pleasant surprise in a movie that does not have many redeemable things.


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The best characters of Anton Yelchin