The ‘Billy Elliot’ actor will play Fred Astaire

Twenty years later, Jamie Bell is putting on his dancing shoes again. The actor who played Billy Elliot, a ballet-mad working-class kid, will now become Fred Astaire, one of the most influential dancers in musical history. Jamie was 14 years old then, and now 34 years old, in addition to being married and having two children by two women.

This new project by Jamie Bell adds to his already extensive repertoire of films that includes hits such as Fantastic 4, Rocketman O Movie stars don’t die in Liverpool . From Billy Elliot , the British actor has been combining work in commercial films with independent cinema.

Jamie, like his character in ‘Billy Elliot’, was also harassed by his peers, who ridiculed him for attending dance classes

Jamie Bell and Margaret Qualley worked together in 2018

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Certainly, to become the prince of dance, he will not have to undergo the transformation that one of his last roles demanded of him, when he played a repentant neo-Nazi in the film Skin . He had to shave his head, get tattoos, and put on nearly ten kilos.

The 34-year-old actor will be in a film partnership with Margaret Qualley, daughter of Andie McDowell and known for films such as Once upon a time in hollywood or series like Fosse / Verdon , who will step into Ginger Rogers’ shoes. Fred&Ginger This is how the film will be called, it will explain the history of these two great dancers who came to star together in up to ten successful films in the 1930s. The film, which is being prepared by Amazon Studios, will be a biopic about the couple of actors, of whom it was always said that they detested each other, despite the perfect rapport they showed on the screen. Bell and Qualley have already worked together on Who is left standing (2018).

a scene of the movie

A scene from the movie ‘Billy Elliot’, which Jamie shot when he was 14 years old

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Billy Elliot , which premiered in Spain on January 26, 2001, marked the film debut of a young Jamie Bell, who was chosen from more than 2,000 children. Bell comes from a family of dancers, including his grandmother, mother, aunt, and sister. He discovered his passion for dance when he was 6 years old, when he accompanied his sister to ballet classes. For the Briton, making the film was not acting, it was his life. His two dance myths were Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly.

Bell has acknowledged on several occasions that he felt very identified with his character. He also suffered harassment from his classmates, who ridiculed him for attending dance classes. Like Billy, Jamie used to hide his ballet shoes under his boxer shorts to prevent his friends from seeing them when he walked to the bus stop to attend his dance classes.

Like Billy, Jamie used to hide his ballet shoes under his boxer shorts to prevent his friends from seeing them when he walked to the bus stop to go to his dance classes.

Swing Time (1936) Pers: Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire Dir: George Stevens

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire made a dozen films together

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“When I was a kid, I liked that idea of ​​music and movement, and tap dancing became my favorite style. It was a more masculine and aggressive style and, in a way, it was more acceptable, being a kid, if I could see Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly doing it, “he has explained on occasion.

The actor, born in Billingham (England), never got to know his father, who left home shortly before he was born. Her mother, abandoned by her husband, was forced to raise both the actor – whom she had when she was only sixteen – and his older sister, Kathryn, on her own with the salary she earned as a receptionist at the time. It was in this context that the director of the film, Stephen Daldry, appeared in the life of the interpreter, who was then 14 years old, becoming not only his artistic discoverer, but also a kind of father for whom he was then a teenage actor.

When the film was released, Jamie Bell’s father told the press that he was not going to force a relationship with his son, something that he would have always wanted. At age 20 he packed his bags and went to live in the United States.

ISL152. Paris (France), 24/06/2017.- British actor Jamie Bell (L) and fiance US actress Kate Mara pose during the photocall ahead of the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2018 Menswear Collection by Dior during the Paris Men's Fashion Week, in Paris, France, 24 June 2017. The presentation of the Men?s collections runs from 21 to 25 June. (Moda, Francia) EFE/EPA/IAN LANGSDON

He married Kate Mara in 2017


Jamie Bell shares his life with fellow actress Kate Mara, journalist Zoe Barnes from the series House of cards and sister of fellow actress Rooney Mara. The couple met on the set of the movie Fantastic 4 In 2015 and after two years of dating, they got married in July 2017. In May 2019 they welcomed their first daughter together.

The marriage is very discreet with their private life, but she confessed a few months ago that they have an “incredible emotional connection.” Specifically Kate Mara stated: “I adore that certainty that comes from knowing that you have a partner for life. I feel very proud that I can refer to Jamie as my husband and that commitment I have towards him … Jamie is legally part of my family and that fills me with joy, it is something incredible. So I try to protect our marriage with all my might. “

Previously, the actor was married to Evan Rachel Wood, the android Dolores Abernathy from the series Westworld, with whom he has a son, Jack, 8 years old. The couple met in 2004, during the filming of the video clip Wake me up when september ends by Greenday. They resumed their romance in 2011 to marry the following year and divorce in 2014. Precisely Evan Rachel Wood, who said in 2012 that she was bisexual, has been in the news these days after publicly denouncing that she suffered abuse by Marilyn Manson when they were a couple , in 2007.

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The ‘Billy Elliot’ actor will play Fred Astaire