The #CineTag cycle returns to the Casa de la Juventud de Pamplona –

The autumn of cinema with hashtag brings to the House of Youth seven films that add more than 40 awards. This Saturday opens the #CineTag sessions the animated film ‘One more day with life’, a journalistic account of the civil war in Angola

The Youth House of Pamplona After the summer, the screening of films aimed at the city’s youth population is resumed with the sixth edition of ‘#CineTag’. From September to December, seven films with different profiles will be screened in the auditorium, two of them animated, ranging from the crude story of war conflicts, to women’s rights, family relationships, insecurity or empowerment.

All the films will be screened on Saturdays (at a rate of two a month, except in December) and at 6:00 p.m. and will be presented and moderated, in a subsequent discussion, by the journalist Francis Mauch. The sessions will have free admission, although for reasons of capacity control and traceability of the attendees it is necessary to withdraw invitations from the day before the screening. Spectators must keep the mask on during the session, in addition to complying with other health safety provisions such as hand disinfection or temperature measurement at the entrance.

#CineTag was born at the beginning of 2020 with the aim of promoting reflection on aspects of today’s society, using cinema as a tool for analysis. Through a careful selection of titles, the activity seeks to highlight not only the aesthetic, cultural and artistic contributions of the films, but also to learn to analyze the ethical aspects that emanate from them. The themes (tags, English labels) that can best invite your analysis.

A September of harsh animated autobiographies

The first film of this new edition will be, this Saturday, September 11, ‘One more day with life’ (Spain, 2018, 85 ‘) an animated film for adults that won awards at the European Film Awards, the Goya Awards, at the San Sebastian Festival and the Platino Awards. Directed by Damian Nenow and Raúl de la Fuente, the film is the autobiographical account of the journalist Ryszard Kapuściński that narrates on the ground the last days of Angola as a Portuguese colony in 1975, and the civil war that followed decolonization.

The second session of this month will take place on September 25 and also focuses on animation for adults with ‘Persepolis’ (France, 2007, 95′) an account of the involution that the so-called ‘Fundamentalist Revolution’ produced in Iranian society . The protagonist is Marjane, a modern girl who, despite being able to emigrate to Europe, as a teenager decides to return to her family despite the fact that this means putting on the veil and accepting the rest of the fundamentalist prescriptions. The film, directed by Iranian Marjane Satrapi, is largely autobiographical.

The next few months

A comedy claiming female empowerment in the face of stereotypes and a supernatural horror film will be the highlights of October on the 9th and 23rd, respectively. ‘Little miss Sunshine’ (USA, 2016, 101 ‘), by Valerie Fari and Jonathan Dayton, is the story of a girl and the challenge of fulfilling her greatest dream in an unstructured family. Olive, who does not fit the common stereotypes, is determined to be a model in the ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ pageant. The film received two Oscars and the BAFTA, Cesar and Independent Spirit awards.

And on October 23, laughter will give way to terror with ‘It follows’ (USA, 2014, 100′). An 18-year-old girl, three in a sexual relationship, is immersed in visions and nightmares that suggest that something supernatural is stalking her. The film won the National Board of Review (NBR) for the best independent film of the year and was nominated at festivals such as Sitges, Canner or the Critics Choice Awards.

On November 6 and 20, the films ‘Hijos de los Hombres’ (2006, GB, 105 ‘) and’ Crudo ‘(France, 2016, 98’) by filmmakers Alfonso Cuarón and Julia Ducornau, respectively, will be screened. The first is a science fiction fable about human survival in an apocalyptic future, a production endorsed by film critics circles, the BAFTA Awards, and the Venice Film Festival. The second, they have a terrifying plot that centers on the veterinary student Justine, a member of a family of vegetarians who one day tries raw meat, with unexpected consequences. Cannes, Sitges, London and the Austin Fantastic Film Festival endorsed this film with their awards.

The last of the year: hyper-awarded

To close the #CineTag year on December 18, the choice is’ The great Budapest hotel ‘(USA, 2014, 99’), a film with a peculiar aesthetic about the theft and recovery of a Renaissance painting in the context of the uprisings that transformed Europe during the first half of the 20th century. Featuring an ensemble cast of movie stars such as Ralph Fiennes, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law, Willem Dafoe, F. Murray Abraham, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Harvey Keitel, the film garnered more than 20 awards, including them 4 Oscar.

#CineTag. September-December 2021

Youth House. 18 hours. Free entry after withdrawal of invitation.

11 of September

· ‘One more day alive’ (Spain, 2018, 85 ‘)

September 25th

· ‘Persépolis’ (France, 2007, 95′)

October 9

· ‘Little miss Sunshine’ (USA, 2016, 101 ‘)

October 23

·      ‘It follows’ (EEUU, 2014, 100’)

November 6th

Children of Men ‘(2006, GB, 105’)

November 20

· ‘Crude’ (France, 2016, 98 ‘)

Dec. 18

· ‘The great Budapest hotel’ (USA, 2014, 99 ‘)

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The #CineTag cycle returns to the Casa de la Juventud de Pamplona –