The enigma about her birthday and 9 more curiosities of Mia Wasikowska

Hollywood has very few screen presences with the enigmatic force of Mia Wasikowska. The Australian actress radiates a special light, a hypnotic mystery, a fragility that, when observed in detail, hides a bulletproof fierceness. Deciphering what is going through the minds of your characters and predicting their attitudes or actions is completely impossible, thus reinforcing an even greater interest in the viewer.

Curiosities of Mia Wasikowska

2 In search of the flash
In search of the flash

Mia Wasikowska’s parents are photographers, a profession that has deeply penetrated their daughter, who it is always loaded with a camera, both analog and digital, to take numerous snapshots in each and every one of the filming in which he participates. You must have a really exciting collection of photographs.

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3 Secret birthday
Secret birthday

During her interview on the Seth Meyers show, Mia Wasikowska confessed that, attention, Wikipedia is lying. And it is that, Apparently his real birthday is not October 14, 1989, according to the website. A lie that, according to the actress, helps her to verify who the people who really know her are. That is, those who do not call her to congratulate her. Good trick.

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5 Voracious reader
Voracious reader

It was Nicole Kidman herself, with whom Mia Wasikowska starred in that absolute gem called ‘Stoker’, who revealed the actress’s true passion for literature. And, according to the protagonist of ‘The Others’, Wasikowska He took advantage of every break from filming the film to read books by none other than Anton Chekhov, David Mamet and Tennessee Williams. Major words (and pages).

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8 Dancer aspiration
Dancer aspiration

During her childhood and much of her adolescence, just before dedicating herself exclusively to acting, Mia Wasikowska devoted herself body and soul to the study and practice of ballet. In fact, he spent 35 hours a week rehearsing.

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10 Clear ambitions
Clear ambitions

“It’s not at all satisfying to play a nice and sweet girl. In fact, it’s terribly boring, almost painful. I like characters who have their own inner fire.”. That’s how forceful Mia Wasikowska was when asked about her artistic concerns. Clear ideas, even if, looking closely at your career, you have not fulfilled your main objectives too much.

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Even in more commercial and childish proposals such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Tim Burton, Wasikowska manages to convey that set of sensations that are as strange as they are fascinating. There is talent, of course, but the real power of their performances lies in what they automatically awaken. That dark halo that generates an almost tangible mist on his face and on the screen. It is what makes the difference compared to the rest of the actresses of her generation and what has made some of the most illustrious and personal filmmakers of the current film scene have opted for her when it comes to finding the protagonist for their stories.

Next, we discover ten curiosities about the actress, trying to unravel the unknown Wasikowska. Getting it completely will be impossible, of course, but it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to travel part of the universe of an actress different from all the others.


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The enigma about her birthday and 9 more curiosities of Mia Wasikowska