The Exorcist And 11 Other Supernatural Horror Movies To Stream Right Now

It’s spooky season now in October, and you know what that means – time for some of the best horror films out there. For me, I can really watch scary movies any time of the year and enjoy them, but there’s always something so special about the fall time paired with jump scares and eerie scenes. One of my favorite subgenres of horror movies, however, is supernatural horror.

This genre can include movies like classics from The Exorcist to newer additions like Hereditary, the types of films that make your skin crawl and wonder what if these types of strange supernatural entities, like ghosts or demons or any of the sort, exist. If you’re looking for your pants to be scared off, check out these awesome supernatural horror movies that you can stream right now.

(Image credit: Summit Entertainment)

Sinister (Showtime)