The Green Knight already has a critical rating

In the world of the film industry there are a lot of production house studios, from the smallest to the largest. Despite this, it seems that only a few dominate the medium, since no doubt all have heard of Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Paramount O Sony Pictures. What happens to the smaller studios that are slowly making their way into this closed industry? Usually many of their productions end up being acquired by streaming services or with low revenues and little noise.

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What is all of the above about? If there is an independent study that has earned the attention of a sector of the public, it is undoubtedly A24, who slowly started with productions that became relevant over time, such as Enemy – 75%, Under the Skin – 85%, Locke – 91% o The Rover – 66%, but without a doubt the productions that caused an echo were La Bruja – 91%, Lady Bird – 97%, Moonlight – 98% and The Devil’s Legacy – 96%, in addition to having also produced The Sacrifice Of The Sacred Deer – 75%, Climax – 90%, Raw Diamonds – 100%, El Faro – 96% and Midsommar: Terror Doesn’t Wait For Night – 98%. Without a doubt, the quality for a great story is present in the vision of the study. Is it the same with The Green Knight – 95%? It looks like it is.

A fantasy adventure based on the Arthurian legend, The Green Knight – 95% directed by David Lowery, tells the story of Sir Gawain (Dev Patel), the stubborn nephew of King Arthur, who embarks on a quest to confront the Knight of the same name, a gigantic tree-like creature. It features Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sarita Choudhury, Sean Harris, Ralph Ineson, among others.

Critics point out that it is one of the best stories about the legend of the King Arthur, because the somber and majestic tints of the medieval journey are incredible. The works of Dev Patel and Alicia VikanderIt is also pointed out that she is more reflective than exuberant, while little by little she creates her magic. It renews the expectations of the Arthurian legend by not being a commercial film, as it is both complex and visually attractive.

In addition, it is indicated that it is a story that will make the viewer lose his mind. The journey that is presented is as wild as it is entertaining. The public will be totally satisfied and shocked, especially those who closely follow the legend of the famous King. Without a doubt it is something that is not very common, especially the cinema of the United States.

Without more for the moment, we leave you with the reviews of The Green Knight – 95%:

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Owen Gleiberman, de Variety:

A grim and majestic medieval journey …

Charles Bramesco, of The Guardian:

The complex, visually appealing, and uncommercial story of David Lowery’s Arthurian legend delights in renewing expectations.

Michael Phillips, de Chicago Tribune:

The film is more thoughtful than lush. He also focuses on creating his own magic.

David Crowe, from Den of Geek:

… one of the best movies inspired by the story of King Arthur.

Kristy Puchko, de IGN:

With The Green Knight, Dev Patel and Alicia Vikander take a heady and heady spin on the legend of King Arthur …

Brian Tallerico, from

It’s scary, sexy, and weird in a way that American movies rarely get allowed …

Caitlin Kennedy, from Nightmarish Conjuring:

… there is no doubt that audiences will be in awe of this impressive Arthurian count.

Matt Onion, from The Spool:

This filmed adaptation has her body completely intact, but without the prose to back it up, she can’t help but feel a bit decapitated.

Pete Hammond, de Deadline:

… it’s wildly entertaining.

Brian Truitt, de USA Today:

A movie that will make you lose your mind.

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The Green Knight already has a critical rating