The incredible change of the protagonists of Matilda, 25 years after the premiere of the film

The American Movie Matilda was released in August 1996, Argentina It arrived in 1997. Within days of its 25th anniversary, this production became a cult film and its characters were etched in the memory of the children of the nineties. The production is based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl which was published in 1988.

The film adaptation was in charge of Danny DeVito, who saw to it that the original material was respected, as it was her daughter’s favorite book and she would never have been forgiven for changing the story. This earned him crosswords with producers who recommended reducing the cruelty and abuse suffered by some children.

In social media time the characters of Matilda They are used as memes and the passage of time has not affected them. However, the actors have grown and some continue to be linked to the artistic world, but there are others who preferred to step aside.

Matilda’s parents.

Harry Wormwood – Danny DeVito

For those who did not know, in addition to playing the father of Matilda in the film, he also took care of being the narrator. The 76-year-old actor during the 80s and 90s has been the protagonist of big box office hits. From 2006 to date it is part of the series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. As for the big screen, he made a participation in Dumbo from Tim Burton and had a supporting role in Jumanji: Next Level.

This is what Danny DeVito looks like at 76 (Courtesy: Intagram @alwayssunnyfxx).

Zinnia Wormwood – Rhea Perlman

As in fiction, the actress Rhea Perlman is married to Danny DeVito, the couple has been together since the late 70s. In the 80s she played Carla Tortelli, the grumpy waitress of the series Cheers. This participation earned him 10 nominations for the Emmy for best supporting actress in a comedy series.

She has also worked as a voice actress in productions such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch and Harley Queen.

This is how the actress looks at 73 years old.

The family Wormwood It was also made up of two brothers: Michael and Matilda. This last protagonist of the film was a charming girl with an intelligence that was growing. Her family behaved irresponsibly towards her, to the point of completely ignoring her.

The girl’s parents and her older brother were so busy in their jobs and in their lives that they did not notice the passion for reading that aroused in Matilda at four years.

The Wormwood Family: Matilda, Michael, Harry, and Zinnia.

Michael Wormwood – Brian Levinson

The 38-year-old actor began his career in 1990 with a supporting role in Predator 2. He also participated in the film Father and Scout and made appearances on the series Seinfield and Roseanne. On Matilda he was the favorite son of the marriage Wormwood and she was the complete opposite of her sister. His artistic career was short and today he is dedicated to organizing parties in the cities of San Diego O California.

This is what the 38-year-old actor looks like.

Matilda Wormwood – Mara Wilson

The little Matilda discovered that he had telekinetic powers when he was six and a half years old. One of the most remembered scenes is when he has an argument with Harry and she asks her father to yell at her and to prevent him from harming her, she closed the door in her face without moving from her place.

Before the movie, the actress Mara Wilson He was going through a difficult family situation because his mother had died of a breast cancer For several years he tried to continue in Hollywood, but the roles that were offered did not come out of the classic charming girl. For the 33-year-old actress, the film industry never knew how to treat the prodigies of the seventh art.

Although he got tired of the industry, it became known that he did not stray completely as he lent his voice for animated productions. BoJack Horseman and Big Hero 6.

This is what Mara Wilson looks like.

Besides the family Wormwood, other characters that were recorded in the memory of the children of the nineties were: Tronchatoro, Miss Honey, Lavender, and Bruce. The children decided to go new ways.

Agatha Tronchatoro – Pam Ferris

Troncharo It was the evil aunt of the lady Honey. The school principal came to the life of Matilda when he bought a car from Harry, and he told her that his daughter wanted to go to school. But the educational institution was not a fairy tale, because children who misbehaved were severely punished.

Tronchatoro was the principal of the school Matilda attended.

The actress born in Germany had appearances in other productions The Turn of the Screw, Death to Smoochyi (directed by Danny DeVito) and even participated in the saga of the most famous magician: Harry Potter. He made his appearance on The prisoner of Azkaban like aunt Marjorie Dursley. His most recent work was on the film Tolkien released in 2019.

This is what Tronchatoro looks like at 73 (Courtesy: IMDB)

Miss Honey (Jennifer Honey) – Embeth Davidtz

Davidtz played the role of the sweet young lady Honey, who was surprised by the knowledge of Matilda and he showed that he genuinely cares about his education. She is the niece of Tronchatoro.

Miss Honey was the first to care for Matilda.

The 55-year-old actress continued to be linked to the cinema. He worked in movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary, Fracture and the amazing Spiderman, among others. He has participated in series such as Grey’s Anatomy.

This is what Miss Honey looks like today.

Lavender Brown – Kiami Davael

Lavender is the first friend that Matilda does at school. After starring in the film, he appeared in other productions such as Moesha and The Steve Show, but he decided to end his career at the beginning of 2000 when he was just 14 years old.

Lavender was Matilda’s first friend.

I study in the University of Kentucky and graduated from psychology in 2008. She has also trained to be a screenwriter, works as a model, and has a podcast called “Long life to Lavender”.

One of Kiami Davael’s jobs is modeling.

Bruce Bogtrotter – Jimmy Karz

“You can Bruce!”, is the phrase he pronounced Matilda to encourage the little character to finish the huge cake that the principal Tronchatoro forced him to eat as punishment.

Bruce had to eat a whole cake as punishment.

He had other participations in productions such as ER Emergencies and The wedding singer. Like Davael He took a different path, worked as a producer on MTV, studied medicine, and today he works as a research assistant.

This is what the 36-year-old actor looks like.

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The incredible change of the protagonists of Matilda, 25 years after the premiere of the film