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The little death

Original title: The Little Death

Production: Australia, 2014

Director: Josh Lawson

Script: Josh Lawson

Photography: Simon Champan

Music: Michael Yeserski

Con: Bojana Novakovic, Patrick Brammall, Lisa McCune, Kate Mulvany, Josh Lawson, Damon Herriman, Kate Box, Lachy Hulme, Tasneem Roc, Erin James …

Synopsis: It is a comedy that tells five stories of unrealized sexual fantasies or sexual dysfunctions. The first is that of a wife whose strongest and longest desire is to be raped. At first his partner is confused, but then he does everything to make it happen.

The second is that of a middle-aged couple who have two children. The relationship has worn out. The wife criticizes her husband all the time. He finds a pill to drug her. His greatest sexual pleasure is having intercourse with her when she is already asleep.

A wife who has never had an orgasm is the third story. The couple has tried everything to have a child. Her husband’s father dies and when she sees him cry, she suddenly feels enormous sexual arousal and then intense and prolonged orgasms come. From now on she is going to do everything in her power to make her husband sad and cry.

In the fourth, a couple has lost their sexual arousal, but they discover that if they represent characters, they live it again with intensity. In this process, the husband ends up taking more care to see himself as an actor than to awaken the passion of him and his wife.

The story of an operator who answers calls for the deaf in videoconferences is the fifth. It is her turn to mediate the conversation between a deaf-mute man, who is excited by calls over the lines hot, and a woman who works in one of these. The interpreter and the person requesting the service fall in love.

Comment: It is a very original, intelligent and funny comedy that works on sexual fantasies, but especially on what happens when it comes to making them come true. That leads to very funny situations, but also tragic. The stories are inscribed in the everyday lives of middle-class couples in Australia today, but it can be anywhere in the world.

The narration is a chorus story, where one and the other of them intersect. They are couples in their thirties and forties who face the wear and tear of the relationship, the daily life, the lack of communication, the difficulties of work, boredom, personal and couple dissatisfaction and also frustration.

Couples seek in various ways to obtain sexual arousal and prevent it from ending. They try to keep their relationships alive and to make everyday life satisfying and meaningful.

The dialogues are witty and well constructed. The performances are good and each of the actors is in his rightful role. It is a film built with very few elements, but with a lot of intelligence.


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The Little Death – Political Animal