The Matrix, Bob’s Burgers, And James Bond

Summer blockbuster season is dead, long live the holiday blockbuster season! Much like games, movies never stop. There are quiet months and busy (very, very, very busy) months, but on the whole the industry keeps on ticking. This week, we’ve had a lot of gearing up happening in film, with trailers and announcements out of the wazoo, as well as a little bit of news about movies that are actually out.

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Drops

the matrix 4

The Matrix 4 trailer was revealed last week, and it sure looks Matrixy. It has Keanu and everything. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big Matrix fans here, and have written about the violent ballet of the Burly Brawl, the trans legacy of the first movie, why right now is a perfect time for The Matrix to return, why Enter The Matrix deserved more love, and we even offered up a PSA as to why Laurence Fishburne’s Morpheus’ isn’t in the trailer – he died in The Matrix MMO, which is officially canon.

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The Bob’s Burgers Movie Is Coming Memorial Day Weekend 2022

Bob's Burgers

It’s finally (almost) cooked. Bob’s Burgers, the most charming animated show this side of The Simpsons’ Golden Age, will make its big screen debut in 2022, with a feature length adventure on Memorial Day Weekend. “Let’s get this PATTY started!” reads the tagline, which if you’ve never seen the show should instantly sum up its humour. It will lean into the musical comedy stylings of the show’s biggest episodes, and will deal with Louise and Kuchi Kopi on an Alice in Wonderland-style adventure, acting as something of a spiritual sequel to the season seven premiere Flu-ouise.

No Time To Die Will Give You No Time To Pee As The Longest James Bond Ever

Daniel Craig James Bond 007 running

Billie Eilish singing about having no time to pee probably wouldn’t have the same melancholy tone to it, but if she sees No Time To Die in theatres, that’s probably how she’s going to feel. Daniel Craig’s last – he means it this time – outing as Bond clocks in at 2 hours and 43 minutes, 15 minutes longer than the previous record holder, Spectre. In fact, the top four longest films in the series are all Craig flicks, with Casino Royale in third and Skyfall fourth. Hopefully the next Bond picks up the pace a bit.

Shang-Chi Rings

Marvel movies tend to make quite a lot of money. That’s why there’s quite a lot of them. After breaking Labor Day box office records on its debut, last week saw Shang-Chi reach a 98 percent rating from fans on Rotten Tomatoes – a new peak for MCU movies. While it won’t dethrone Endgame as the top earner, there seems to be no shortage of love for Simu Liu’s new MCU hero. Oh, and space dragons could be on the way too…

Injustice Animated Movie Makes Its Trailer Debut

Injustice Animated Movie Poster

The Injustice movie will premiere on October 19, and we’ve finally seen our first trailer. It seems as though the story will follow the plot of the first game, only with less hand-to-hand combat with health bars, where Harley Quinn is a match for Doomsday. Joker and Harley Quinn attack a pregnant Lois Lane, causing her death. The Joker then sets a huge explosion in Metropolis, turning Superman from a figure of hope to one of destruction and despair. The rest of the Justice League, led by Batman, are the only ones who can stop him.

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The Matrix, Bob’s Burgers, And James Bond