The meteorology reduces the influx to the beaches of Bizkaia by 29.3% until the middle of the season | Basque Country

Ereaga has been the beach in Bizkaia with the highest number of visitors in the first half of the season. (Marisol RAMIREZ / FOKU)

The weather has reduced the influx to the beaches of Bizkaia by 29.3% in the first half of the season. This reduction has occurred in the two months: in June of this year 317,314 people visited the sandbanks compared to the 448,647 who did so between June 15 and 30 of the previous year; and in July, 745,422 compared to 1,055,914 that did so in 2020, according to data provided by the Herrialde County Council.

And it is that in the first two months of the season this year there have only been 17 sunny days, while the cloudy were 27, the rainy, eight and the variable, nine registered in June and July. In addition, in the days of unstable weather the temperatures have been lower than usual at this time.

The beaches with the highest attendance were those of Ereaga (128,005 people), Arriatera-Atxabiribil (125,585), La Arena (110,236) and Gorliz (90,317). And the amber flag, which indicates a high level of occupation in the sandy areas, has flown 82 times.

Throughout this first half of the season, in addition, full capacity has been decreed on four occasions and the beaches where this situation has been determined at some point of the day have been those of Arrietara-Atxabiribil (in June), Las Arenas (in July) and Aritxatzu and Isuntza, both on two occasions, one in each of these two months.

A deceased in Laida

With regard to the activity of the lifeguard service, in this first half of the season a person died on July 17 on Laida beach, at a time when the green flag was waving.

The team that was guarding the shore that day detected this person floating face down in the water and jumped to his rescue. When they transferred her to shore, they verified that she was not breathing and began resuscitation maneuvers, also giving notice to SOS Deiak. The team of an advanced life support ambulance and the Ertzaintza helicopter also went to the scene and despite the efforts of all the emergency personnel, nothing could be done to revive this person.

This has been the most serious action carried out by the lifeguard service, which has attended 2,072 people over the course of these two months, most of them due to wounds (1,185) and sabiron bites (321), as has been the case. usual season after season. In this regard, it should be noted that the reduction in the influx to the beaches has also been noted in the number of services provided by this service, which last year was 2,739.

Only 39 of the people treated by the first-aid service had to be transferred to a health center. The rest were discharged from the aid station itself.

Regarding the incidents registered in the sandy areas, in the first two months of the season there have been 609 registered, the majority linked to acts of vandalism, special cleaning by bottles and issues related to the public address system.

The claims presented by people who use the beaches totaled 31 and have to do mainly with the presence of closed toilets.

On the other hand, the cleaning service has removed 261,840 kilos of waste from the beaches of Bizkaia. Of these, most (136,489 kilos) are waste brought to shore by the tides, another 106,251 kilos have been collected in green bins and the remaining 19,100 in yellow bins.

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The meteorology reduces the influx to the beaches of Bizkaia by 29.3% until the middle of the season | Basque Country