the most controversial Netflix movie

Do you know the books of ‘Choose your own adventure’? Do you remember that, when you reached a specific moment in the story, it allowed you to choose between two options in the narrative and follow it in different ways? Well, it is necessary to start with something like this:

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    ‘The woman in the window’ has been a complete hit on Netflix. It was released just three days ago but this weekend its success has been such that it seems that people, in networks, were just or on a getaway taking advantage of the lifting of the alarm state or watching the new Amy Adams movie. Or watching, of course, ‘The innocent’, which is still in the top 1 of Netflix.

    Critics have also been watching the movie. But we cannot say that its reception was enthusiastic: “It’s the cinematic equivalent of a window that doesn’t deserve to be opened. Close the windows in this case” (IndieWire) or “Amy Adams delivers a flat agoraphobic performance that reveals a bland mystery in this damn Joe Wright stumble that has been thrown to Netflix “(The Guardian). Why put more examples: on IMDb it takes a 5.8 and on Rotten Tomatoes, a 29%!

    To be fair to her, and endorsing what we have been able to read in some Spanish media, it is true that if it were a desktop feature film, it wouldn’t be so bad. It would even be above the usual mess. What happens is that ‘The woman in the window’ has airs of something else and, above all, leaves Hitchcock turning in his grave.

    According to the official Netflix synopsis, “Anna Fox (Amy Adams) is an agoraphobic child psychologist who spends time looking out the window at the perfect family that lives across the street from his house in New York. His life changes completely when, by accident, he witnesses a horrific crime. As some secrets come to light, it becomes clear that nothing and no one is what they seem in this psychological suspense thriller based on the bestselling novel by AJ Finn that Tracy Letts adapted for the screen. ”

    Let’s see. Thus, on paper, it seems that you are going to see a movie -which has finally arrived on Netflix after months in which it was not known if it would be released in theaters-. Directed by Joe Wright (‘Atonement’, ‘The Darkest Moment’) and its cast is of real stars: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh y Julianne Moore, among others. And, in addition, they adapt a bestseller that has been read by millions of people around the world.

    Frame of “The woman in the window”.


    Mmmmeh. Well no. Adams plays Anna, a woman who for agoraphobia has been locked up in her New York home for 10 months. He spends the day petting the cat, drinking wine and pills, talking to his ex (Mackie), missing his little girl, and watching old movies; among them, of course, ‘Rear Window’ by Alfred Hitchcock.


    ‘The woman in the window’


    9,45 €

    When Halloween arrives and she is forced to open the door to tend to the neighborhood children, she faints. But he is served by Jane Russell (Julianne Moore), the mother of a family who just moved across the street. Little by little they start a friendship, but Anna is dedicated to gossiping. Through the window.

    In this ‘voyeurism’ exercise, she realizes that the Russell family’s father, Alistair (Oldman) is a violent and aggressive guy who Amy takes pictures of, but when the danger peaks is when watch Alistair threaten Jane with a huge knife. From here the dance of mental and cinematographic madness begins.

    woman in the window, amy adams as anna fox

    Amy Adams in an instant from “The Woman at the Window.”

    Melinda Sue GordonNetflix

    It is not ‘Rear Window’ the only obvious influence of Hitchcock. There is ‘Rebecca’, ‘Remember’, ‘Vertigo’ …. anyway. Joe Wright, what have you done with all of them? Well have them there in passing, because it has gone more to titles like ‘His last wish’ or ‘Serenity’, those ‘thrillers’ that are taking steps backwards in Anne Hathaway’s career.

    In this case, not even Amy Adams manages to save ‘The Woman in the Window’ (she has 6 Oscar nominations). We don’t understand why Gary Oldman’s performance fails so much (he has an Oscar). The great actors do not have good material to work with and the result is frankly monotonous and boring.


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the most controversial Netflix movie