The new ‘Gossip Girl’ receives the first character of the original series by surprise

The team had promised cameos, but not regular characters. After the first, the ‘showrunner’ promises many others.

Although the initial idea for the new Gossip Girl was that it was a completely new fiction with characters who were also and that it only shared its central premise with its predecessor, the ‘showrunner’ Joshua Safran admitted a few days after the premiere of the ‘reboot’ on HBO earlier this month that the series would have some cameos from the original series aired on CW between 2007 and 2012.

As Safran explained in an interview with The Daily Beast, the idea was to have some familiar faces, but in no case with the regular characters.

There are some cameos in season 1 of characters from the original series, but not regular ones. We made the decision from the beginning and it was something that made me nervous, but I finally realized that it was correct. That the audience would not finish accepting these new characters if they were in the shadow of the originals. They are, but if the originals are with them in some way, why not want to meet Zoya if suddenly Nate can show up? [Joshua Safran]

And indeed, now that the first cameo of the original series has just been produced, we can say that it is not about the same Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) or Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), but about a character who in their day brought quite a lot of tail.

Eye! If you do not want to know more details of the new ‘Gossip Girl’ until it is released in our country, it is better that you stop reading now.

The first appearance of a character from Gossip Girl has taken place in the fourth episode of the ‘reboot’, ‘Fire Walks with Z’ (1×04), aired this week on HBO Max. Who is it about? Of nothing more and nothing less than Milo Humphrey, the son Georgina Sparks She had after having relations with Serge, a married man with whom the young woman had an affair, and who, as you will remember, whose paternity claimed Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), who was already her legal father when his lies were uncovered.


We will not deny that we would have liked more to see Michelle Trachtenberg again in the shoes of Georgina Sparks, but also It was a surprise to know how Milo has grown, now played by the very young actor Azhy Robertson. In the episode, Milo stars in a scene with Zoya on a birthday and introduces himself challenging: “You clearly don’t know who I am. My last name is Sparks. Really Ivanov, but on this day it’s better to leave that out.”

“I would die to bring Michelle to the show, but we made the decision to let viewers get to know the characters better.”, explains Safran a TVLine after the episode. “So we figured who we could bring in without the audience feeling like they were missing something if it wasn’t a full episode about them.”

We think of someone who does not take over history. I’ve always been obsessed with Milo, having been there when we invented him, and the idea of ​​where he would be now sounded too delicious to pass up.

Nevertheless, Milo was the first, but he will not be the only one: “There are more characters that return. We are shooting an episode [de la segunda mitad de la primera temporada] in which fortunately several will appear “.

Who’s who in the new ‘Gossip Girl’ and where, when and how it can be seen in Spain

Although The series is already being broadcast on the other side of the pond, for its arrival in Spain we will have to wait, as confirmed by HBO Spain, until the official arrival of HBO Max in our country. When will this be? Well, for now the only thing confirmed is that it will happen in 2021 and it will do so in the coming months, “in the second half of” this year.

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The new ‘Gossip Girl’ receives the first character of the original series by surprise