The new movie My Poor Little Angel premieres on Disney Plus When? –

The Mi Pobre Angelito franchise comes to Disney Plus with the new movie Home Sweet Home Alone (new version of My Poor Little Angel) that will premiere on the platform on November 12. The story is inspired by the adventures of Kevin, a boy who is left home alone during the Christmas holidays after his family leaves on a trip unaware of the boy’s absence and will star Archie Yates (Jo Jo Rabitt ).

“My poor little angel” or “Alone at home” (“Home Alone”), with Macaulay Culkin as the main character, was a great success and one of the most remembered productions of the 90s. Now Disney, through 20th Century Studios decided to reboot the comedy, with a renewed plot and with a well-known cast, for another fun family adventure.

“Home Sweet Home Alone” will focus on Max Mercer, who is a naughty and resourceful boy, who is left home alone when his family goes on vacation to Japan. On this occasion, the child’s peace of mind will be haunted by a married couple who want to recover a family heirloom. But Max will do everything in his power to prevent that from happening.

Like the previous film installments of “My poor little angel”, this action will unleash situations of gigantic proportions where chaos tries to impose itself. The little one will realize that there is no place like home sweet home.

The new movie My Poor Little Angel 4 premieres on Disney Plus When?

Child actor Archie Yates, after stealing everyone’s hearts in his role in the film “Jojo Rabbit” directed by Taika Waititi, will be the new lead in the new film. Archie knew how to demonstrate the charm to embody this type of role so surely his occurrences will be an essential part of the role as Max Mercer.

Rob Delaney, the comedian, actor and writer, who participated in films such as “Deadpool”, will be one of the members of the villain couple, a couple that will seek to extract an object from the family home that is on vacation. Along with him Ellie Kemper, the comedian known for roles in series such as “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” or “The office.”

The new movie of My Poor Little Angel comes to Disney Plus When?

In addition, they will be part of the cast Aisling Bea (“How to live with yourself”), Kenan Thompson (“Saturday Night Live”), Tim Simons (“Veep”), Pete Holmes (“Pets 2”), Ally Maki (“Toy Story 4 “), Chris Parnell (” The masters of the news “) and Devin Ratray (who participated in the first film of” My poor little angel “).

“Home Sweet Home Alone” is directed by Dan Mazer (“My grandfather is a danger”, “Borat, next documentary film”), and the script is in charge of Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell (“Saturday Night Live”), to from the original story of John Hughes.

The new film Mi Pobre Angelito, will be the first of several in the 21st Century Fox catalog that will have new versions after the acquisition of the catalog by The Walt Disney Company.

Macaulay Culkin is expected to make a cameo reprising his original role in the first two films of the franchise as Kevin McCallister. The saga of “My Poor Little Angel” gave off a sequel in which the actor, now 40 years old, repeated in New York. Then came other titles that little by little extinguished the enthusiasm for the saga.

Last year it had emerged that Macaulay Culkin was going to charge more than three million dollars to make an appearance in the new film directed by Dan Mazer. Apparently, Culkin wasn’t quite sure about showing up and asked for that exorbitant sum for a few minutes on screen. It remains to be seen if his presence is finally one of the surprises in the new story.

The actor himself made fun of Disney’s decision to restart the franchise with a post on Isntagram. In his own words, he assured that this photo represents “what an updated My Poor Little Angel would really look like.”

Next Friday, November 12, the day The Walt Disney Company is celebrating two years of streaming on its dedicated subscription streaming service Disney Plus with its Disney Plus Day In the inaugural, among the multiple premieres, the franchise will be revived with the premiere of “Home Sweet Home Alone”.


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The new movie My Poor Little Angel premieres on Disney Plus When? –