The photos of Maisie Williams as a child on Instagram for her birthday are the best you will see today

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Since Game of Thrones made its debut on television (almost) eight seasons and eight years ago, we have seen how its characters and, therefore, members of its cast, have changed and how the little ones have grown older. So much so that yesterday was Maisie Williams the one that was already blowing 22 candles on the cake. And to celebrate, the actress once again displayed that essence, character and charismatic personality that has conquered her followers beyond Poniente, giving us what could be understood as the best self-congratulation via Instagram ever seen. And all thanks to that Maisie she has always shown that she knows how to laugh at herself better than anyone.

Turn years It is a great opportunity to travel to any past time that was better and at the same time provoke laughter and raise the levels of tenderness in times of Instagram. And that is just what the protagonist of the series of the moment did. Through their stories and between captures and mentions of the different congratulations that her friends had sent the actress through the social network, as already established by the unwritten norm of society 2.0, Maisie won back her fans with a photo of herself from small, like recovered from the family album of vacations on the beach, with that hair cut to the bowl and wearing sunglasses like trendsetter.

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“It’s great” he wrote Williams on the image, and reason was not lacking. But the following had nothing to envy this first memory, especially one of a mini Maisie who, showing off her bowl-cut blonde hair, was staring at the camera. The actress could not have changed more and is unrecognizable, except for her large and expressive eyes, a hallmark of her identity.

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“I don’t care what they say,” you could read about that photo of the British woman from just a few springs, who looked very seriously at the target as a defiant, creating what could be the next meme viral as the perfect answer to settle any small discussion on WhatsApp.

But the thing has not ended here. On this journey to the past full of humor, he has wanted to do his bit Sophie Turner, inseparable friend of Maisie since they recorded together Game of Thrones. The one who gave life to Sansa Stark, instead of choosing a photo of the two of them on the set or any party or moment together, decided to opt for an image also of Arya from small, although not as much as the first ones, but in her school years, and, judging by her face, she was one of the most diligent students.

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Thanks to Sophie Turner we have met the most adorable version of Arya Stark, that we never thought we had seen. For its part, Maisie Williams She has also not hesitated to use it for her collection, zooming in on it and also titled it “it’s great”, laughing at herself and leaving us another meme before someone else believes it for her.

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Nothing like laughing at yourself. Congratulations, Maisie!

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The photos of Maisie Williams as a child on Instagram for her birthday are the best you will see today