‘The Terminal List’, the Amazon series that has made Chris Pratt the highest paid on television

This production based on the hit book of the same name features Antoine Fuqua (‘Training Day’) behind the scenes

Chris Pratt in ‘Tomorrow’s War’ (Source: Amazon Prime Video)

We recently heard the news: Chris Pratt rose to the throne of the highest paid actors in the television world this 2021. Neither more nor less than 1.4 million per episode (and there will be a total of eight) is the salary that the actor, known for starring Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy O Parks and Recreation In his television facet, he will receive for headlining this adaptation of the homonymous novel by Jack Carr of 2018.

The Terminal List can be defined as a thriller Conspiracy in which Pratt will play James Reece, a Navy SEAL returning to the United States after watching his entire platoon die during a covert mission in which they were ambushed. Once home and facing his own guilt, Reece discovers that the enemy is not who he thought he was. With the help of his former partner and now CIA agent, Ben Edwards (played by Taylor Kitsch), he will begin to uncover the dark forces that are working against him. Kitsch, who we got to see in 2018 put himself in the shoes of spiritual leader David Koresh in Waco, will be the co-star of The Terminal List, although the proposal has an extensive casting already confirmed.

The Reece family is completed by Riley Keough (The Girlfriend Experience), who takes on the role of Lauren, the elite triathlete and wife of James, along with the young actress Arlo Mertz, who will play their daughter. JD Pardo, known for his role in Mayans M. C.He will play a role as Tony Liddel, one of the leaders of the joint force formed by the FBI. In the police station we also find Cristina Vidal Mitchell, among whose outstanding works we can find the American remake of Great Hotel, who will be in charge of hunting down Pratt’s character once he has been put in the spotlight as US Marshal Mac Wilson. On the most suspicious side of the plot we find Jai Courtney (Spartacus) giving life to Steven Horn, a tycoon who owns an investment fund that capitalizes on the latest military trends and has influence in the upper echelons.

To this campus we have to add actors Jared ShawThe war of tomorrow), ex-SEAL in real life, and Patrick Schwarzenegger (who we will see soon in the adaptation of The Staircase preparing HBO Max), which make up part of the platoon in which Pratt’s character served. The actor Remi Adeleke, a filmmaker and ex-marine focused on the dissemination of American military culture, will also work. The rest of the well-known cast is completed by Constance Wu, Jeanne Tripplehorn (Waterworld), LaMonica Garrett, Alexis Louder y Tom Amandes.

The Terminal List is a co-production between Amazon Prime Video and MRC devised by director Antoine Fuqua and writer David DiGilio, screenwriter of films such as Warrior O Below zero. It was Pratt himself who took over the rights to the book and proposed developing it to Fuqua, with whom he had worked on The seven magnificents. The director of the renowned Training Day, will direct the entire eight episodes of the proposal, while DiGilio will be in charge of the script. While still in production, the series is expected to debut in the first quarter of 2022, although it is still too early to venture a date.

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‘The Terminal List’, the Amazon series that has made Chris Pratt the highest paid on television