The Videoclub: Matilda

The famed Welsh novelist Roald Dahl He has to his credit a large number of books, of various themes, although he is known, above all, for his children’s literature, as he has shown in well-known works such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1964), whose film version was criticized in a previous article, or Matilda (1988), which also featured a film adaptation, as shown in the following paragraphs.

Under the direction of Danny DeVito, this film has a duration of 98 minutes and is carried out by Mara Wilson (What Matilda Wormwood), Embeth Davidtz (in the role of miss Jennifer Honey), Own Danny DeVito (who plays Harry Wormwood), Rhea Perlman (embodying Zinnia Wormwood), Pam Ferris (that gets under the skin of Agatha Trunchbull), Kiami Davael (what makes of Lavender) and Brian Levinson (it converts into Michael Wormwood). Also noteworthy is the performance of Sara Magdalin (like version of Matilda four-year-old).

The film puts us in the situation with the following introduction:

Everyone is born, but not everyone is born equal. Some are born to be a butcher or baker or chandler. Some would only make tapioca salad. But, in one way or another, every human being is unique, for better or for worse. Most parents believe that their children are the most beautiful creatures that grace the planet. Others react less emotionally. Harry and Zinnia Wormwood they lived in a very nice neighborhood and in a very nice house. But they weren’t very nice people. The Wormwood they were so immersed in their stupid life that they hardly realized they had a daughter. And if they had paid a little attention to her, they would have noticed that she was quite an extraordinary child. They called her Matilda.

matilda and her family

The little Matilda Wormwood She is a very intelligent girl, but completely misunderstood and mistreated by her parents and her older brother. And things are not much better at school, since the tyrannical Agatha Trunchbull, the director of the center, treats the children with excessive harshness. However, when Matilda discovers that she possesses the ability to move objects with her mind, she is determined to make a difference.

matilda uses her powers

Like any film directed especially for children, this story has a happy ending, which can be summarized with the following sentences from its outcome:

Matilda he discovered, to his surprise, that life can be fun. And he decided to enjoy it as much as possible. After all, she was a very smart girl. But the most beautiful thing about this story is that both Matilda as the miss honey they got what they always wanted: a family that loved them. AND Matilda he never had to use his powers again. Well, almost never.

The biggest drawback that can be found in this film is its lack of credibility in some characters. Although, unfortunately, in reality there are some parents who miss their children, the role of Agatha Trunchbull It is an overly exaggerated caricature of the severity imparted in some student centers, which should have led to the principal spending years in jail, due to the physical mistreatment of the students. On the other hand, many feature films intended for children tend to counter with rather naive final resolutions and Matilda is no exception.

Of course, there are a number of differences between the Roald Dahl and the film, as is often the case with all adaptations, among which we can highlight that the novel takes place in England while the film is set in the United States. Nor should it fail to mention that the physical appearance of the main character’s family is completely different in the book, in addition to the fact that her older brother does not despise her, which, as we have already mentioned, does happen in the film.

It must be recognized that, at the award level, the film did not do badly at all, since it won the YoungStar Award, for Mara Wilson, for the best performance of a young actress in a comedy film. What’s more Danny DeVito he won the Cinekid Lion Audience Award and the Oulu International Children’s Film Festival Starboy Award, in the category of best director. Other awards that the film chose, although it failed to get them, were the Satellite Awards, again for Danny DeVito, for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Movie: Comedy or Musical, plus the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film by the Young Leading Actress, again for Mara Wilson, and as a supporting actress, for Kira Spencer Hesse.

Without a doubt, Matilda It is a film that children will enjoy and that is also suitable for those adults who are open-minded and know how to accept the moments of naivety that are concentrated throughout the film.

Will there ever be a second part of Matilda? Danny DeVito has been interested in shooting a sequel that shows us an adult version of the protagonist, but only if Mara Wilson, who is currently retired from the world of cinema, agrees to participate in it.

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The Videoclub: Matilda