They prove that friends are always necessary

Keep to the friends can give you years of your life, that person who always listens to you and supports you, will help you not feel alone and increase your esteem.

Although over the years, responsibilities overwhelm each person’s life, leaving behind the outings and meetings with friends, it is always good to take time to share and fill the alma.

Caring for friendships and nurturing relationships With other women it will increase your happiness, reduce your stress, and help you cope with difficult circumstances.

Famous people who teach us that friends are necessary

Some famous they boast of su friendship on social media and prove that keeping a friend over the years makes us stronger and more powerful. They are some:

Jennifer Aniston y Reese Witherspoon

LThe stars have a friendship for more than two decades after sharing in the cast of Friends, where Reese (Jil) she was the sister of Jennifer (Rachel) and since then they have stayed very close.

Jennifer and Reese stick together personally and professionally. Photo: Instagram

They recently celebrated the launch of the second season of The Morning Show where both are the protagonists.

“My sister, friend, rad partner, contributor @reesewitherspoon and I talking about building @themorningshow season 2 in the middle of the pandemic. Thanks @nytimes (@ sarahlyall33) for this conversation. Grateful to our crew and this crew for their hard work, sensitivity, and commitment to telling this story carefully and filming it safely. We have learnt a lot. @themorningshow @appletv, ”the post reads.

They have managed to maintain their friendship despite their ups and downs and their different responsibilities.

Cameron Diaz y Drew Barrymore

After being part of Charlie’s Angels, Cameron and Drew they became great friends.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron and Drew exude complicity together. Photo: Instagram

“Poo poo” It is the affectionate nickname with which both have been called for more than two decades. After strengthening their friendship, they have been inseparable by sharing each birthday together as great friends.

“We don’t give big gifts, we are more of the experience. So we always try to go somewhere, do something with the girls, and be together. Cook, eat, stay up all night and have the best of it, ”said Cameron.

For its part, Drew give thanks for having harvested his friendship with Diaz.

“One of the great joys in my life is our friendship. You’ve made me a better person all my life, ”Barrymore replied.

Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz

The mexican and the Spanish They have managed to maintain a good friendship that began before they shared on the set of recordings.

Together they have grown stronger. Photo: Instagram

“Eggs” is the nickname they use affectionately.

“We are called that because once working together, before having children, we slept much more than now. So it was a way of calling each other ‘lazy’, ”Penelope revealed years ago.

Since they had 20 years shared their desire to become great actresses of Hollywood.

Angelique Boyer and Fernanda Castillo

Angelique y FernandThey forged a friendship from their participation in the telenovela ‘Teresa’ which they transformed into Brotherhood.

“I met her in Teresa and from then on we are one person. It’s my family. So, knowing her here sharing this success with me as I have shared hers makes me feel very blessed, ”said Fernanda.

Actresses have leaned on each other through thick and thin. Photo: @angeliqueboyer

The friendship It was consolidated so much that they came to live together for a time.

“Angelique is one of the greatest blessings of my life and the truth is that we are both very happy to have one another,” she said.

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They prove that friends are always necessary