‘Time’: Shyamalan explains why his film is so much more real than it might seem – movie news

The film, which tells of how a group of families are trapped on a beach where time runs faster than normal, was a logistical and production nightmare for the director, but it also looked very exciting.

For M. Night Shyamalan, his newly released film WeatherIt is very personal and much more real than it might seem. And something that especially excites him is that several family aspects have conditioned this disturbing production that has led the box office in the US and in Spain the week of its arrival in theaters.

The genesis of Weather started, literally, with a gift his daughters gave him on Father’s Day, as explained in the film’s production notes. It was a graphic novel from 2011 inspired by an Asturian beach, contemplative and that invited us to think: Sandcastle, by the French writer Pierre Oscar Lévy and the artist Frederik Peeters.

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The graphic novel, which was about a group of people vacationing on a secluded beach who discovered they were aging rapidly, immediately sparked Shyamalan’s imagination.

Telling a story centered around a family was something very personal for the director, that among his most recurrent concerns was the passage of time, both with regard to his parents who were aging rapidly, as well as his daughters, who had suddenly grown up, almost without him realizing it, as in the film.

Discover the exciting reason why Night Shyamalan made ‘Time’

And perhaps because of that personal implication, the filmmaker has chosen a decision that particularly excites him: for the first time he has involved his daughters in one of his films. The eldest of them, Ishana Shyamalan, has been the director of the second unit in Weather.

Although Ishana had previously written and directed episodes of the Servant series, the series created by her father, this has been their first collaboration on film. “It’s funny because the movie is about seeing your children grow up very quickly; that was the feeling that I had and that I wanted to convey,” Shyamalan explains.

She adds: “In real life, my daughters are grown up and amazing artists. I was scared to leave home to shoot a movie, but having Ishana by my side I felt like I hadn’t left. Just having her in the room. The beach shooting with the second unit while I was filming next door gave me a lot of courage. At the end of each day we would have dinner together, sometimes just the two of us. That kept me focused on telling the story. ” That somehow, it was also his story, that of a father who watched time slip through his fingers without being able to do anything to remedy it.

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In addition, another of the director’s daughters, the eldest of them Saleka SHyamalan – a classical pianist turned R&B singer. who will release her debut album this year — she’s also been in a movie. He wrote a song first performed by Alexa Swinton as Maddox Capa, and later by Thomasin McKenzie.

“Our experience with Saleka is to see a little girl who ends up becoming a wonderful singer,” says M. Night Shyamalan. “When she was little she sang in the car, and we said:” Ugh, she’s never going to be a singer “… She did it awful! And now she’s one of the most beautiful voices in the world! I can’t believe that I said that and that she grew up to become who she is, “explains the director.

And that is precisely the feeling that he tried to capture in his disturbing film. “That feeling of how your children surprise you, what they become … I wanted to bring that to the big screen,” continues Shyamalan. Because deep down, even though it is a horror thriller, according to the director himself: “In Time I move many of the emotions that I have felt in this process,” he concludes.

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‘Time’: Shyamalan explains why his film is so much more real than it might seem – movie news