Tina Fey is accused of not supporting author in fair payment

The legacy of the teen comedy “Mean Girls” is one that has thus far managed to stay alive. After all, almost 17 years after its premiere (which is this year), people still quote their favorite characters and an adaptation for a Broadway musical has even been developed.

However, not everything is honey on flakes for Rosalind Wiseman, author of the book “Queen Bees and Wannabes”, same on which the film is based. The writer points out that Tina Fey, writer and producer of the film, did not provide support to help her receive an additional payment for the proceeds of the film, which she had originally been promised.

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“Mean Girls” follows the story of Cady Heron (played by Lindsey Lohan), who after living her entire life with her parents in Africa, attends a public high school for the first time upon moving to the United States, being bombarded by pressure social, diverse groups and the seemingly imperishable reign of “Las Plásticas” (Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seydried and Lacey Chabert).

In addition to writing and producing the film, Tina Fey had a modest role as the kindly Professor Norbury. Needless to say, the film was a huge box office success during its 2004 release and despite its grossing, Wiseman would not have been supported by Fey in receiving a fair share of the proceeds.

Wiseman recently shared the story with Aarti Shahani on her ‘Art of Power’ podcast, noting that Fey only ignored her when she asked her to use her power in the industry to help her receive a fair payment: “This movie has made a tremendous amount of money. and I have received nothing. Not a penny since my initial breakthrough, ”he commented.

This is the way Hollywood and entertainment works, which is like squirrels gathering as many nuts as they can into their mouths and not wanting to share anything.

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A report from OK Magazine He would have expanded the note with his own investigation, pointing out that “Mean Girls” managed to raise a total of 250 million dollars at the international box office. Wiseman received an initial payment of $ 440,000, on the promise that the studio would increase his pay depending on the success of the film.

Not only would the Broadway production add more insult to injury as Fey capitalized on the concept created by Wiseman, as the author was recruited to give training on anti-bullying education to the cast members. Fey would have promised that he would be paid for this additional work for which he received no compensation, but since then, the production company has simply disappeared.


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Tina Fey is accused of not supporting author in fair payment