TJ Miller could spend five years in jail for a practical joke

TJ Miller is a comedian who, although known in certain circles, was still trying to build his career. His work on the Silicon Valley series – 100% was well received by the public and his participation in Deadpool – 84% were appreciated by association. However, then came the disaster of Emoji – The Movie – 9%, considered one of the worst films of last year and in history. Then a very dark part about his past was revealed thanks to the momentum of the #MeToo movement.

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A woman revealed that she was sexually assaulted by the actor and comedian years ago during her time in college. At the time, Miller defended himself against the accusations and insisted on presenting himself as a respectable person. However, now a practical joke could land him in jail for up to five years.

According Deadline, authorities detained Miller after he made a bomb threat call on a train on Amtrak. According to this information, the actor was arrested Monday night at the LaGuardia airport in New York. He was immediately charged for his actions and the charges were explained in a press release:

For knowingly communicating false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut to law enforcement.

According to the official report, Miller called 911 on March 18 in New Jersey and said he was on the Amtrak 2256 train going from Washington DC to New York, where he allegedly saw a female passenger with a bomb in her bag. Miller even described the suspect as a brown-haired woman wearing a scarf. Amtrak officers stopped the train in Connecticut, evicted the passengers and awaited the arrival of specialists and the bomb squad. After a long time of searching, no explosive material of any kind was found.

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It appears that an investigator later contacted Miller, this time describing the woman differently: with red hair, a red scarf and a black handbag. According to his version, the woman constantly checked her bag without taking anything out of it and questioned again and again which station was the next. Miller said the woman appeared to be determined to get out and leave her suitcase behind. The person who took the call considered that Miller was drunk or out of his mind, but the actor said he was perfectly fine and that he really feared for the safety of the passengers.

A more exhaustive investigation determined that Miller was not on board said train and a manager of the same assured that the comedian was intoxicated when he boarded in Washington and continued drinking once the trip began; finally he was asked to get off in New York due to his status. The same witness claims that Miller argued with a woman who was sitting in another first-class section and they believe the call was to cause trouble for this person.

The case is being investigated by the FBI together with the Connecticut State Antiterrorism Force and the corresponding police forces. Miller, who in 2016 had already been arrested for assaulting a driver, appeared before the judge and was released on bail while the charges are resolved, where he faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail for his actions.

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TJ Miller could spend five years in jail for a practical joke